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Update on the progress of Invasion tech support, sprites, and map progress.

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So here is the good news, if you have seen the new screen shots, I have been improving and taking pictures for sprites, but those will probably take a while to be fully done, expect sprites to be finalized in a couple of months. The map that is in the "Really Early Demo" is actually going to be level 2. I wanted to make a story about this wad where the player goes through a crash landing then has to fight through 5 levels.

Now for the bad news, I'm still not sure how to execute this first level. I'm still trying to find out how I want to start off the first level. Though I have figured out more things about slade, I have to learn using doom builder 2 because slade does not allow the use of multiple custom maps (I think it's called a megawad?). So once I finish making map01 and map02 I will then be making the last 3 maps through doom builder, something I'm still learning about. Progress will go to a crawl because the beef of the map editing is at school and they have restricted access to doom builder. I am only permitted 30 minutes at home to use my computer for non school-related things, that 30 minute time frame is all I have for working on those levels a day. However, there is a small chance I may be able to work on them on holidays.

Thanks for the 21 downloads, it means alot to me!

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