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Miraris Interactive is obviously not a big team, and can't be considered a team at all to be honest. For now, we are a duo - CrimsonEST (Estonia) and purpleLiGHT (Russia). But it doesn't mean we don't have plans, and big plans.

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For now, our pilot project is Painted Blood, a Half-Life mod making use of Xash3D engine and aimed to create a fusion of modern anime aesthetics and Half-Life oldschool feel. All work done by us is modelling, texturing and mapping, while music and artworks are outsourced (and paid too).

For now, there are two projects planned. One bigger, and one smaller.

Electric Hearts: Cured logo

Smaller is Electric Hearts: Cured (Our site has a placeholder for it in sidebar). It is supposed to be a visual novel based on Ren.Py engine. Initial idea is that you play as technician who's job is fixing gynoids using out of bound interaction - file manipulation and stuff. Most known example of out of bound interaction is Doki-Doki Literature Club, though, unlike EH:C it's a psychological horror, when EH:C is just romance with mystery elements.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Discovery logo

And our bigger, and a bit problematic in legal terms project - Hyperdimension Neptunia Discovery which is, obviously, a Hyperdimension Neptunia fan game. Only thing we can say for now is that HDN:D will use an open world gameplay style (like MiHoYo's Impact games) and will feature new characters.Engine we plan to use is Godot.


Miraris itself of course will be expanding and we will be glad to have more people helping us. We really would like to switch from paid outsource to having composers, artists, etc. as a part of out team. And we will be always happy if you will offer any help or discount for outsource jobs.

Special thanks to everybody who gave positive feedback on Painted Blood! It keeps us motivated!

Stay tuned for new stuff!

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