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Hello people! Sorry about the delay in posting the features of the mod. I bring some features:

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About infantry:
The infantry can be killed quickly if not using the ability to "take cover".
But still vulnerable to light vehicles as T2b.

When they are using the ability "take cover" they can shoot while moving. (A few may not, like the soldiers with A280 rifle )
But others such as the B1 Battledroids can shoot while moving, but do not have this ability, making them more vulnerable.

Plex Missiles are stronger against vehicles.
Plex Soldiers now comes with the infantry squad, as seen in the AotR mod.
Plex Squad was removed to prevent the spam of plex soldiers.

Field engineers can repair vehicles automatically, only the empire has field engineers.
Rebels have mobile repair facility built by the MDU those which repair faster than the field engineers.

Field Commanders can heal the infantry, but can not heal heroes.
Heroes has a low rate of self-healing.

All infantry units have a high range compared to the original range.
But now they really have low precision.

New classes of units, each with its unique features:

Light Infantry - Stormtroopers, Rebel Soldiers, b1 battledroids ...

Medium Infantry - B2 Superbattledroid, Darktrooper phase II, Wookiees, Droideka ...

Heavy Infantry - B3 Ultrabattledroid, Darktrooper phase III ...

Support Infantry - Field Engineers, Commanders ...

Snipers - Imperial Sniper ...

Special Forces - Rebel Infiltrator, Underworld Defilers ...

Melee Combat Infantry - Darktrooper phase I, Jedi / Sith that will be added later.

Also Extra classes like the Scout Troopers, Disruptor Infantry, Grenadiers,Close Combat Infantry, Jet Troopers, E-Web Troopers.
The list is still incomplete, the class names can be changed.
I will post the function of each unit later.

Many people may think this is a BIG project, as I said before, nearly four years of development, but I'm just trying to change the gameplay of ground battles and I'm just one person.

I have many nice pictures but I need permission to use some things, if I post things without the permissions, the page will be removed.

Please be patient, I'm trying to get such permissions.

Thank You.


who do you need permission from if its your mod?

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lex33 Author

It's my mod but I need permission to use some models and effects that are not mine.

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