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Some major changes in the goal of the mod. The mod is not dead by any means.

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When I made this mod originally, the goal was to port the content of the Half-Life 0.52 Alpha into GoldSrc. Needless to say, this was not a good idea. But I don't want the mod to die, not at all. So I've decided to take the mod in a new direction. Instead of porting it all, I've decided to recreate all the alpha maps and make them actually connect, making the alpha actually playable. Because all the old media is outdated, I've deleted it all, including the news post asking for coders.

I've talked to the developers of the Shaft mod, and they are letting me use the DLL from the downloadable alpha on that ModDB page, so it will use the Shaft hud and weapon models.

The mod is not dead by any means, so keep watching this page for more announcements and media releases!

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