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well, some changes are coming and we dont like them but we have to do them

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yes, like the title says, changes are coming, and unfortunately, we have to do them because well, i feel that they need to be done.

first and foremost, due to possible legal issues should they ever arise, we are going to chnge the name of the mod, yes, i had recently been contacted by someone i know who actually made mods for Quake1, and said using the 'Quake' name is a pretty risky move, so i took his advice and im going to change it, but what to change it to is the big money question however, the forum name will also be changed

the good side is that all of the content we have made so far has been made entirely from scratch, so we are extremely safe in that department

more on this story as it develops

========== WE NEED HELP! =========

Once again, We are really desperate for C++ programmers, Charactor modelers, Weapon Modelers and a Mapper or two if you can fill in any of these positions, please visit the Forums and apply for a position, if you know someone with any of these Talents, please point them in our direction =)

Vacant Positions:
-C++ Programmer
-Charactor Modeler
-Weapon Modeler

apply Via the Quake1:Source forums (

over the past couple of days people have been just leaving comments on the mod page or leaving comments in my profile about contacting them to work on the mod, Please DO NOT DO THIS, Posting normal comments is completely fine but if it is a post that has anything to do with Getting a position and Working on the mod then you will receive no response unless You register to our 'Forums' and 'Apply' for a position, otherwise it is alot more work and running around to get people on the team, so please, if you wish to work on this mod, please register on these forums here -->:

after registering, make a new post in the 'Join Us' section of our forums, there will be a stickied thread detailing the guide lines to apply for a position, thanks for your understanding :)
(Note: please dont ignore what was just said, as we will 'NOT' contact you about a position on the team if you just leave a comment on the moddb or the user pages, thanks for understanding)


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