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With issues popping up left and right, school to contend to, and other important matters, I have some bad news. But also some good news, such as a new patch coming this weekend (January 17th)!

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Well with problems i the mod popping up faster than I can fix them, school back in full swing, and several other things I have going on (particularly my entry for this: ), I am going to be forced to further push back the 1.0 BETA.... I am working on some new features for it though, and hopefully those will be some form of compensation for the continuous push backs on the release date.. Sorry for the bad news.. But here is the good news, I am going to release another mappack and small update this weekend (January 17th) That will update you to version 1.0 Alpha 2. This will not contain a whole lot more than bug fixes, a new menu, some new maps, and possibly one or two of the new features. So look for 1.0Alpha 2 and the 3rd mappack this weekend (January 17th) and the 1.0 BETA New release date set for Febuary 14th (Valentines Day).

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