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Some information related to the release of The Night Guest.

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Hi Amnesia players! I want to give you some information about my custom story.

It's been a year since the last update was posted. During this year I was able to make some progress regarding my custom story. Unfortunately, I've run into some serious issues that have significantly delayed my custom story and caused me to lose the last bit of my inspiration and desire to work on it. However, the most serious problem was my overestimation of the HPL2 engine and my misunderstanding of how some things in this engine works.

Basically I abused the use of timers which in turn led to lags and crashes of the game during the transition to other levels. Unfortunately I have already done too much to fix this. I would have to remove lot of things that took me a long time to do. As a result there's crashes and lags in my custom story.

Does that mean The Night Guest is cancelled or frozen indefinitely? No. I'm going to release it in its current state, with autosaves. Autosaves help to deal with engine overflowing(due to timers) and allows to somehow get through this custom story. Initially I planned to make the mod much longer but unfortunately I will have to finish it with what is already there. A lot of maps, events and places that shed light on the plot unfortunately will not be included in final version. At the moment I have to add autosaves, quests, titles and after that The Night Guest would be ready to for full release.

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