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So at the time of writing, I have just submitted Soluna's Secret to IndieDB...

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So at the time of writing, I have just submitted Soluna's Secret to IndieDB as a Work-In-Progress.

As someone who has never used this particular site before, it all seems a little daunting. The systems used here are very different than the ones used on or GameJolt. Still, I suppose that in the end, it's all worth it to ensure that as many people as possible are able to find and play my game.

Image 5Image 4Image 3Image 2

Lantern Pedastal Concept Cutout Sketch

I'm still working out the kinks, that much is certain. Finding the sheer number of images that this site wants has proven difficult, and so far the whole affair looks pretty amateurish and unimpressive. If you have to include scrappy concept art to pad out the page, then something may have gone wrong.

(Jam Version) Windows x86 32 Bit

Soluna's Secret (Jam Version) Windows x86 32 Bit

(Jam Version) Windows x86 64 Bit

Solunas Secret (jam version) Windows x86 64 Bit

Regardless, I hope you all bear with me whilst I try my hardest to make this corner of the internet appear presentable.

Until next time!

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