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This is the First Video of my Journey in developing a RTS - RPG Game Using UE4 !

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This is my RTS-RPG game Dev Log 1 Using UE4 , I've always been a huge fan of both RTS and RPG games Since I played WOW : Frozen Throne back in childhood , Generally the Idea is great and can be seen in great games like Spell Force 3 (My Favorite ) , But it's also can get complicated really soon , So the RTS Toolkit from Developer AKA FatCow is a great start , Although it has many great features which can reduce developing time for hours of work but it has many un unnecessary codes , bugs and most important is many issues with performance (This is the real deal !) I've tried lots of way to reduce the performance cost (also the recorder cause a 15-20 drop in fps when I was recording this video) and the final result is maybe good enough for my project style (Cause its not a pure RTS game) , BUT !

THIS IS A SHOUTOUT for anyone who has experience developing RTS games , What is your approach to gain the best FPS ? (Specially dealing with lots of AI)
I'm all ears ! let me know your solutions Thanks !

screen 1

screen 2

Keep in mind that for faster results I'm developing by BP and I will convert the entire project to C++ .

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