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SOLITUDE: Cold Tides is here on IndieDB after working my buttocks off it's finally done! SOLITUDE: Cold Tides is ment to be an emotional experience not a run n' gun or high pacing combat game, it's for people who like to sit down and experience a game.

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Hello everyone!

After working my butt of for the past week, fixing bugs and so on SOLITUDE: Cold Tides finally here!

SOct is NOT a super high pacing game, there are puzzles and challenges but no combat, keep that in mind!
It is also an 2D RPG maker game, so no HD 3D ultra tripple A game.

This game is made by me, 1 person.
Please play this game seriously.

If you run across any bugs or grammar errors (I am dutch)
please let me know!

Thanks in advance!
P.S the game is about 30-50 minutes long

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