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Sold! To the gentleman in the front with the tonne of development papers. That's right, we bought the engine. Hopefully all will go well with the transaction. As a progress check-up, i'm currently doing Development work on the Neonni species. And also for the issue with accessing the website, all seems fine.

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Posted: 02 March 2010; 12:42

Three things I will cover today;

1. The bought engine, Leadwerks.
2. Progress Checkup, Neonni species.
3. MyWorld website Access + CerriaWiki of the day.

Leadwerks: Purchased!

So after several weeks of saving up and waiting for the money to go through, I did it! I bought the Leadwerks Engine when I got an email this morning from Paypal that my £140 had gone through.
It was an approximate amount that if it would actually be $200, which I got lucky with it just being enough.
So yeah, hooray. Once that goes through (Apparently within 24 hours or so), we'll see if a download link is given or if it's sent in a pretty-pretty box in the mail.
After this, I plan to buy the 3D World Studio that they also have for sale, which is $50. I currently have £6.46 ($9.30), so I just need £28.04 ($40.70) more to buy it. Approximately. Again, any donations are welcome (Donate button on the MyWorld Homepage), otherwise I'll just save up again. But I really do need to buy a new PC first, this one takes ages to do anything on - right clicking the/a desktop/folder/file takes 30 seconds to bring up the list-menu thing!
In any case, good times to be had for all.

3:00 is where the fun really begins with this video.

Progress: Neonni Development!

After deciding that I had done enough groundwork with the first language, I decided to do some work on the next species on the list, and the one with the highest demand for development by the community, the Neonni.
The Neonni are naturally magical and live in the temperate grasslands of central-Cerria. They are omnivores, so evolved a less hunting and more trapping body; snakes came to mind. They hunt animals, but rather than chasing them down, they lay in ambush and use poison and speed to take down their prey.
Likewise is with the Neonni, but with arms and legs. A tall snake-like body with a snake-like jaw that is dislocatable, their abilities include venomonous saliva, resistance to poisons and venoms, high speed and a strong ability with magic. As a counter to all these strengths, they are physically very weak.

Their community is all about magic and being neutral. They are friendly and calm in most cases, but a divide has been formed between two factions in the Neonni species. One-third of the species is naturally magic, and are tested for this at a young age. If they are able, they are sent to the "Magician's Guild" (working name) where they are trained in the ways of magic.
If not, they live the lives of farmers, hunters, architects and so on; all the normal stuff.

In the religion module, they believe that magic is an aura given off by their (currently unnamed) goddess. She is the source of magic, and they honour her by firing magical bolts into the sky. The stronger the bolts are, the further they go and therefore are closer to their goddess.


This is all still just a working idea and some of it is likely to change as development continues, as it did with the originally-guardian-like Ghuls. But, that's some basics of what I have so far.

MyWorld Website: Access Issues

I can't remember if I posted this in a news piece or not, but recently I've been unable to connect to the MyWorld website. I decided to leave it till 1st March to see if I could gain access. To cut a long story short, I'm now able to connect, all is happy and dandy again.

CerriaWiki Page of the Day!

(I've not posted any of the details yet, to save me time from changing everything around if required, except the appearance/psychological/ability tags)


Nice.. You actually bought the license for the hole engine??

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Azkanan Author

Pretty much. Not the company and whatnot - obviously, but, yeah. I now have a copy of the engine. Well, will do when I recieve it!

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