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Demo & Kickstarter campaign for Solaris Aisling just launched!

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Hello again everyone!

Today is an extremely important day for us since finally, we are launching the Kickstarter campaign and demo for our first game Solaris Aisling! We have been working on this for almost 6 months and finally we have something to shre with everyone.

The Story

Rini is a 11 year old girl who lives in the forest outside of town. She loves to have fun adventures and has a special connection with the nature that surrounds her.

One night, a goddess talks to Rini in her dreams and gives her the task to collect the fragments of the 4 gems that give color to the world. After receiving a magic brooch and brush, she embarks on her journey before dawn arrives.


The main focus of the game is to use the magic brooch to boost or decrease the properties of certain objects to solve the puzzles.

The magic brooch will show you with different colors which property you can alter. A high color tone will boost the properties and a low color tone will decrease them.

The goal of each level is to find four gem fragments and deliver them to the goddess.

You can check out the demo or support us on kickstarter on the links below. Any kind of support is greatly appreciated



- WalGallen

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