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Hello, everyone! Here is update for Sol-Ark devlogs with a full description of over a week's worth of our team's work.

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  • These bugs were fixed:
    • With the deletion of unnecessary tile parameters on the micromanagement map level, which went beyond their defined borders during map enlargement;
    • With displacement of coordinates for the connecting position;
    • With the incorrect distribution of damage for explosions;
    • With smooth movement of objects on the local space map;
    • With the maser effect on the micromanagement map level;
    • With the changing of target technics for exoskeleton tasks;
    • With task cancelation for exoskeletons after deleting the task from the job list of the NPC that operates the exoskeleton;
    • Other bugs;
  • Contrail effect was added for objects type “torpedo” on the local space map;
  • Searching algorithm was upgraded for the nearest available objects;
  • Algorithm was upgraded for enemy detection as well as for shooting and melee attacks;
  • Initial algorithm was added for exchanging an empty fuel barrel with a full one;
  • Output was added for object names of locus, and star on star system map;
  • Technics type “laser turret” was added;
  • Object “laser” and its effect algorithm were added;
  • Algorithm for maser damage was modified;
  • When a location divides into several parts, the main location is determined by where the VI module is housed;
  • Velocites for shells, meteoroids and space maser were changed;
  • Regular optimization was performed, including optimization of explosions;
  • Initial algorithm for reproduction of sound effects was created;
  • Work was started on the algorithm for tasks/quest performance;Work is in progress on the algorithm for pathfinding on the local space map;
  • New music tracks were added;
  • New sprites were created for connecting bay, gas collector, VI modules, laser turret, NPC and exoskeleton; new sketches were drawn;
  • Project's pages for Steam Community and IndieDB were created.
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