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Hello, everyone! We are updating our thread with a regular devlog (18/05/2015 CheckPoint) and new gameplay video. Take a look, how Sol-Ark evolves right before your eyes!

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Hello, everyone!
We are updating our thread with a regular devlog (18/05/2015 CheckPoint) and new gameplay video.Take a look, how Sol-Ark evolves right before your eyes!

Screenshots and gifs 19/05/2015
* Manual ship control for docking with an asteroid

Screenshots and gifs 19/05/2015
* You need to have a few engines if you want to build a huge ship

Screenshots and gifs 19/05/2015
* We've begun to work on NPCs without space suits

Screenshots and gifs 19/05/2015
* Draft status indicators for technics are now in place

Video demonstration of the build № 0.031/38

Dev Video 19/05/2015 - Indie DB

List of all performed works:

  • These bugs are fixed:
    • With resetting of “music volume” parameter while playing a music track;
    • With incorrect icon displacement for technics on the micromanagement map level;
    • With hiding of info panel for anabiosis chamber while selecting another object;
    • With incorrect resource consumption while assembling technics;
    • With loading info about damaged tiles from the ship’s template;
    • With NPC waking-up from the anabiosis chamber;
    • With inconsistency between the dismantling process and the visualization of a damaged tile;
    • With calculation for total required power energy, excluding offline or damaged technics;
    • With oxygen leakage through damaged floor tiles;
    • With exoskeleton “freezing” while assembling technics;
    • With incorrect distribution of standard priorities for technics;
    • With “dropping” of NPC’s space-suit while entering the exoskeleton;
    • With space-suit’s visualization inside technics “rack with space-suit”;
    • With random NPC creation inside anabiosis chamber after restarting the game;
    • With the drone list remaining on screen while the game restarts;
    • Other bugs;
  • Fourteen tutorial quests were added into the Sol-Ark’s template for the demo-version;
  • New triggers for quest completion were added;
  • New technical object was added - “rack with space-suit”, its operational logic was created;
  • Ability was added to set space-suit priority for a NPC;
  • Algorithm was added for searching for available space-suits in the space-suit racks as well as searching for space-suits on the floor;
  • Ability was added to set a task “to change an oxygen balloon”;
  • Ability was added for a NPC to capture neutral technics or enemy containers;
  • New icons were added for technic’s status indication;
  • Game logo was added to the main screen;
  • Links to Sol-Ark’s social pages were added on the main screen;
  • Operating logic was modified for technic type “kinetic shield”;
  • Task “constructing/repairing technics” was divided into two separated tasks;
  • Parameters were corrected for object type “item”;
  • Corrections were made for several elements in the construction menu;
  • Corrections were made in saving parameters for location templates, all templates are now resaved with new parameters;
  • Algorithm was optimized for filling an asteroid with resources;
  • Algorithm was optimized for creation of visual layers, which are used by the GPU;
  • Algorithm for location creation was optimized;
  • Algorithm for location separation was optimized;
  • Algorithm for damage distribution was optimized during collisions between locations;
  • Algorithm was optimized for way-section creation;
  • Work continues on the first official teaser video for the game;
  • New music tracks were created; work continues on voice, sound and music coverage for the teaser video;
  • Work continues on polishing balance, fixing small errors and creating content for the first demo-version of the game to be released to a broad audience; Work continues on filling and polishing the GDD;

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