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Hello, everyone! We are publishing the tenth article from a series about main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay - Exploration.

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Hello, everyone!We are publishing the tenth article from a series aboutmain Sol-Ark's features of gameplay - Exploration

New sketches

Drifting out in space are mysteries waiting to show your astronauts secrets. They might also bite their heads off, you never know.

18_04_2015 screens and gifs

There will be plenty of things to explore in the many systems you’ll travel to in Sol-Ark. Derelict ships, stations, and outposts with questionable purposes float aimlessly with guarded treasure and shadowed enemies.

18_04_2015 screens and gifs

There are also outposts of thriving (and not so thriving) characters and factions you can either friend, or not friend.

18_04_2015 screens and gifs

Many of these stations will have randomly generated maps to make sure each time you boot up the game new possibilities open up. They will also appear in randomly throughout each solar system to compliment the fixed locations and mission hubs.

18_04_2015 screens and gifs

We want to keep you pressing further into each solar system, looking for upgrades, artifacts, hidden missions, and a grand sense of adventure.

18_04_2015 screens and gifs

Screenshots compilation about exploration

18_04_2015 screenshot compilation - Indie DB

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