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This game update finally brings resizeable GUI, one new no-build campaign mission, and more research options for your campaign

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This update finally brings GUI scaling, so you don't need to squint at the tiny UI on your monitor with big resolution.
If this doesn't work correctly for you or you have more ideas what can help, please let me know. This whole thing required
a pretty large rewrite of GUI positioning, sizes, etc., but it also brought in some improvements, like scrollable containers
(so stuff doesn't run out of screen), mouse drag on sliders and minimap, and small improvements like always displaying
resources in your station in screen corner, or total resources in selected asteroids.
In retrospect, I wish I've done GUI this way from the start, because setting it up this way is a lot faster and less painful
(previously I set it all up in C++, now it loads config that is bit like a pathetic version of CSS)


Other than that I've finally fixed a bug that caused downscaled textures look bad (this was some funky compiler bug that decided
to remove load bearing part of resize function in "release" mode...), added textures for large carrier, and some radar doodad. That carrier is featured
in a new campaign no-build mission (you can skip to it by loading "mission 12" save), where you have to prevent enemies from
escaping through your blockade. I also added some more research options, so you have more choices on what to spend your rewards for optional objectives.
These are for example "cheaper ships but slower build speed", "faster build speed but more expensive ships", "starting experience for ships", "faster experience gain".
I also added option to partially refund your research in case you find out you no longer want it, so you're not stuck with it for the rest of the campaign.

I also started to look into desync problems with multiplayer. There are some differences I can reproduce on my old notebook,
but I didn't get around to actually finding the fix, as I had to change saving to also save to XML in order to figure out
what exactly is getting out of sync. Then I created a testing scenario you can launch from options menu, but that ended up
having 700MB in reference saves, so I decided to add compression to save files, meshes and textures (I saved them already with
compression for GPU, but deflating that also helps a bit), which took some time and I wanted to put this update out already.
With any luck, next update will fix some of those multiplayer/determinism issues.


One of the things I would like to add for next update is mission briefings, so there can be better overview for story, at least one new mission,
ability to transport spare crew around needed to build ships (if I add small shipyard for new mission), and I've been also toying with adding
text-to-speech generated audio for dialogs, but maybe that will sound more stupid that it will be helpful...

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