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In SOER, some new weapons and new ai for monsters were added to allow you to enjoy new experiences and easyer play.

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* 3+ New weapons and custumized weapons codes.
* Several new monsters with custumized AI.

I made this mod ten years ago. So I fogot the details.
It is one of my best mod. So I confident to say, it is worth while to play it.

[Quick Start] contains only the patch version of soul of evil.
You need to get soul of evil BEFORE executing SOER.

1. Download soul of evil from qaddicted website.
soul of evil:

2. Make the SUBDIRECTORY named SOER of QUAKE
For example:
If Quake is stored in C:\QUAKE, make SOER as

3. Decompress soul of evil(SOE) and SOER into a SUBDIRECTORY of QUAKE

For example:
If Quake is stored in C:\QUAKE, then decompress SOE into

and decompress soer into the same directory.

If Quake is in D:\GAMES\QUAKE, then decompress into

4. Run Quake with the command QUAKE.EXE -GAME SOER.

It is recommended you get DirectQ. If you have DirectQ
use the following command:

DirectQ -GAME soer

directQ website:

You can also run SOER by execute

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