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The open alpha for Societatem is out! Please give feedback on how we can improve the game.

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Hello. This is William from RedCrusaderGames and I'm proud to announce that the open alpha for Societatem is out. Check this video out for the download!

Here are some things to know before playing the game:
- It's better to play with bots in the Town Center map because it is smaller. Play Krasnaya Dolina if you want to play with vehicles and an objective to capture.
- You can unlock weapons and classes in the armory accessible from the loadout menu.


Return - Chat
LAlt - Free look

When chatting:
Tab - Switch chat mode

Tab - Scoreboard

W, A, S, D - Move
Z - Prone
X - Crouch
C - Stand
LMB - Shoot
RMB - Aim
Scrollwheel - Switch weapon
1 - Switch to primary
2 - Switch to secondary
3 - Switch to equipment
I - Inventory
F - Pick up weapon/Enter vehicle
Up/Down - Select grenade type When standing:
Space - Jump/Vault/Climb
Q, E - Lean
LShift - Sprint

When crouching:
Space - Stand
Q, E - Lean
LShift - Stand

When proning:
Space - Stand
Q, E - Roll
LShift - Stand

W, A, S, D - Move
F - Exit vehicle

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