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I am looking for a SOC custom engine versions, which could make a OWR for SOC better utilized.

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Since original SOC engine is a real shit in terms of weapons handling, I am looking for a SOC custom engine versions. I need only a few improvements:

  1. add moving anims for all weapons
  2. add reload empty sound for pistols
  3. add sprint anims for a knife, grenades and bolt

Please let me know if anyone knew anything about it.

Capt.Host - - 853 comments

I took a look into some things. Here's a "patch" that might interest you:

I think that weapon bobbing can only be implemented through a script. You should search OLR for that, or maybe even speak with the author of REBIRTH 2.0 (he initially had a small mod for weapon bobbing).

You could also try contacting the Lost Alpha devs, as they could help with these features, since the SoC sourcecode is now open source.

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r_populik Author
r_populik - - 224 comments

Thanks for the link, I will check it immediately. As for the contact with LA devs, I have already sent a mail to them, will see if they even answer.

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DaimeneX - - 863 comments

Podobno 1.0007 patch do SoC (nieoficjalny) ma gun bobbing ale nieskonfigurowany (za szybki)

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DEE-AY_CZ - - 387 comments

I found this bobbing
And here is fix allow to sprint animation for grenades bolt knife and binocular
It use standard hands and models from vanilla but it works perfect

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