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Stations, ships, turrets and other things. Galactic Conquest headaches and more.....

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As many are aware the current status of the Galactic Conquest mode is causing me no end of grief. I am planning one more shot at trying to get the assanine AI to actually get of its butt and expand, but if this doesn't work then the mod will be going solely skirmish only. For me this is a massive let down due to the three-four weeks spent sorting out the custom GC. Its either that or keep in a VERY basic handful of units. I may even try to get the basic ground troop units (stormtroopers and their rebel equivalent) reskinned to try to make them look more WCish.

Anyway, work has also started on the additional units for the v2.0 release (date as yet unknown) the first of which is pictured, so aside from several stations, and additional turret projectiles, there will also be the advanced classes of capital and fighter classes built. I'm also planning a specific unique unit for each of the sides which will be unarmed but very useful. More details on those when the time comes :)

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