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After all the cool announcement stuff, guess what? There's even more announcement stuff coming up next! Ah also a roadmap to next alpha and a new account system! Don't forget about the surprise as well :D

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After announcing our new engine last week, let's see what you should expect in the coming weeks.

A Roadmap!

We are currently building a roadmap for our next alpha. It will list all game features and content that the alpha will feature with more details and that roadmap will get updated weekly with the actual progress. That way people will be able to watch the development progress and that will answer lots of questions you might have about next alpha.

New Account System + Next Alpha Registration

We'll migrate from our current Google Docs-based alpha tester registration to a new and better system that will handle and validate testers account. It will also handle game keys which will be required starting next alpha as well as game downloads.

It will probably be linked to forums accounts if I have enough time to develop such behaviour.

Another Surprise?!

I usually don't really like surprises, but what's coming up next just need to stay in the dark until it's fully ready for public release. So expect another big change for Indie Game Story, one change that will change the game forever.

Is it a new mascot? An Atari release? Maybe we hired a super crazy Russian developer who will develop the whole game in a night and we will release it next week? Hum I doubt so but think about something that will change the image of the game ;-)

Stay tuned, more on that surprise to come later this month!

Rock on!

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