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We have had some of you guys asking us recently what exactly is Solarix's core game-play mechanics are. I hope this helps explain and clear some up any confusion.

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Solarix' core game-play is built around "stealth" mechanics. The luminosity around the player
directly and realistically impacts whether they will be spotted by the AI, raise suspicion or be completely unseen. One can go through the whole game by simply using one of these mechanics.

While the levels could be considered "open-ended", the mission structure is relatively linear. By advancing in the game players discover new information, and by exploring the environments they can find side missions through other characters, e-mails and audio logs.

Advancing through the game requires the accomplishment of various tasks, such as lock picking and puzzle solving. Most of the time, several solutions will be offered to players and the way they deal with them is entirely up to them. Firing your weapons is a viable but complicated path as like in any
good stealth game our AI is attracted to noise.

Resources are limited on the Solarix station and that’s something players will often be (naturally)
reminded. At the end of the day, players are free to use their ammunition how they like but they better not waste ammunition because there will be situations later when it could have been useful.

Finally, Solarix gives you the choice how to play: will you be using your pistol to kill off the light... or to kill the infected?

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