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Hello everyone. It is time to clarify a few things before going on further. Lemme tell you a bit about this mod...and myself.

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Hello everyone.
It is time to clarify a few things before going on further.

I am the creator of this mod. Red Alert and CnC series were my favorites to have fun with back at my tender age ten years ago. And boy, I was proud to actually share the project, which had at least a bit stuff finished. This little article is a confession, reminiscence and a...diary entry? Maybe.

...My big problem was (and still is) is NOT finishing stuff.

So first of all, I owe y'all a big apology for just ditching on you like that. I don't intend anything with that but I feel bad for doing this to you people.

Second - due to weird nostalgic feelings I managed to restore my old RA2 CD and even had a success installing it. Of course I couldn't keep my hands off RULES.INI

...So I am not saying anything, but...Maybe this mod is still breathing a bit. Maybe it is my time to really finish something.

And again, I thank you all for immensive support of the mod, which been laying dead for ten (!) years. You are amazing people and I am extremely grateful to come here and visit this old, odd teenage memory and not getting five years old tomatoes into my not-so-pretty face.

I love you all.
Stay tuned!

PS: Had to go with a random image for a preview. Well, there's never enough Kirovs, right? :P

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