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A brief article on the HL2 mod Lambda Prospekt, what it is we plan to do for the singleplayer mod and what we will possibly do in the future.

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Lambda Prospekt is a singleplayer mod for Half-Life 2, You're named Lucas Winters and your job is to simply escape, with the help of a resistance sniper that is looking out for you. The story is short and simple. Level design is the priority of this mod over all and is the main focus of the mod.

So what is planned to be included?

To be short, the plan is to include 8 - 10 levels, each with 10 - 15 minutes of gameplay, Each group of levels will include a more specific theme relating to the region of the prison you are in. Such as:

  • Abandoned Cell blocks that Combine has no use for
  • Utility and storage buildings used to hold minor equipment and supplies in some sections, other sections are left unused due to headcrab and zombie infestations
  • Combine occupied Locations, main area for prisoners pods.
  • The courtyards and Prison walls.
  • The long road home

What might we include in the future?

This is a Maybe, Everything listed here cannot be confirmed and may never make a appearance in the mod in the end, but the possibilities include.

  • Custom assets (Weapon models, skins and character models)
  • Custom voice acting, (Only to apply to resistance members or possibly Dispatch for custom call outs in the prison)
  • Custom music (Most unlikely but still being considered.)

Sorry for not going into a large amount of depth into this but we are more focused on getting our work to a more presentable state before we start talking about too much.

Feel free to track the mod's page for future updates. We plan to keep a status report every Saturday or Sunday.

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