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Campaign Update is out, Linux version is ready, Pay What You Want sale on the Digitanks website, Open-Source.

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So much news! It's been a while since I've posted news on IndieDB but today that changes because the Campaign Update has been released. Depending on how you purchased Digitanks you may need to update through Desura or through BMT Micro, but no matter who you are and what your name is you can try the demo on Desura or on the Digitanks website. Moreover, this update comes with a Linux version, a first for Digitanks. Update: The Linux version of Desura is currently in beta, and the Linux version of Digitanks released with it will be a launch title for Linux Desura. As a result it may not be immediately available through Desura, but it is currently available on the Digitanks website.

Also don't forget that I've extended the Digitanks Pay What You Want sale, which is a great way to support developers. You can pay any price you want, from $1 on up. A $1 minimum is imposed by our payment processor unfortunately.

And lastly, in celebration of the Linux release, Digitanks is now open-source! If you can do "The C++" then hop on over to GitHub where the Digitanks source code happily lives.

Digitanks Artillery Update Screenshots

One last note. I'm currently working on prototyping the next Lunar Workshop game. The first prototype I've produced is called Codename: Infinite. Follow that link to see a video of what it's all about. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be showing off other prototypes on my Twitter feed, so if you want to have an input on what the next Lunar Workshop game will be, you can follow me, @VinoBS

Tech|Rogue - - 57 comments

Looks cool! Is a Linux 32-bit version coming?

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Vino Author
Vino - - 132 comments

Linux 32 bit would be a lot of work for me, getting the equipment set up and everything. When I ventured out on the goal of porting to Linux I incorrectly assumed that most people were on 64 bit by now. If 64 bit shows enough interest I may give it a whack.

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Droid15243 - - 11 comments


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KIAaze - - 27 comments

Fantastic news! :)
In fact, I only heard about this game thanks to this news bit in the sidebar of the Desura window.
Why does "Digitanks" not show up in the games section?!! I can't find it it in the "new games" part, which is what I mostly looked at until now, nor in the "browse all" section!
How many more games am I missing? :(

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TheGameSquid - - 165 comments

That's odd, it should be there. In fact, when I press "Browse All" it appears on the first page :)

Try searching for it in the search bar on the top right corner.

However, I do indeed think the interface of Desura needs some work. I love the idea behind it, but it's not entirely up to snuff yet :)

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KIAaze - - 27 comments

It does appear when I allow Windows games to be listed, but by default that's not the case for me.
I posted about it here:
I would expect the filters at the top of the website to make use of the available platforms listed for each game in the sidebar, but that does not seem to be the case.

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