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It's been a while since news has been posted, due to me forgetting about the news section of IndieDB, won't be happening again I promise! But though the news has been slow, the work has never stopped. Since the last news post, the Island has been completely sculpted is over 40% decorated. We are currently working on implementing several gameplay systems, including Collectibles, Interactibles, Scurvy, Bad Endings and a super secret mode that I can't talk about yet. And now I'm out of characters.

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But that won't stop us! Below is everything that has changed since the last news update!

Island Sculpted!

New areas include: Slums, Slum Market, Container Beach, Junkyard, Orange Strip, Archipelago, Cove, Cliff

-New slums area! The poorer denizens of the island will reside here. You’ll now spawn there instead of the beach when first starting the demo.
-New western beach area, bordering the slums. The beached shipping containers there will do a lot to explain the origin of much of the island’s machinery to the observant player.
-New Archipelago area, bordering the northern strip and the western beach. What secrets will be there to find for those with the transportation to get there, I wonder?
-A lot of environment decorations around the island, mostly in the forest surrounding the slums
-Some new art for the card game! The “Game Start”, “Game End”, “Player One Turn”, etc art has gotten an update to look less like lazy programmer art, though it is still programmer art…

– Added Slum Marketplace! This’ll be the place to go when you want to purchase the customizable art, music, backgrounds, etc for the game–assuming you have the oranges to afford it. And that you’ve found the merchant on the island, of course…
– The latter part of the above system (finding the merchants)is NOT yet added in the game. But it will be in a later update!
– Added a warning screen before players attempt a Suicide flip. Now, if the player has no flips left and attempt a flip, they will be asked if they are sure they want to take the risk of losing their next turn.

-Added a Splash Screen, a Main Menu, and a Game Over Screen, though there aren't any game overs yet

-Added Oranges! They don't do anything yet, but they are a major plot point for the rest of the game(I'm not kidding, this game is all about scurvy, after all)

We're getting better and better at delivering content, so let's keep this ball rolling! We'll see you all next time!

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