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Find out what is happening with Abstract, why no new demos are finished, and why half of what you presently know the game to be, will no longer exist. Also, a contest announcement, and a poll.

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Hello everyone who actually reads these things. I, *coughs*, Fallen, am afraid development (in context of actual changing of the game itself) has been on hold due to educational matters. This will soon no longer be the case, and I've begun a serious restructuring of the main game's design. However, I have finally figured out a system to fix one of the biggest problems in the demo -- the combat system. Also, several other issues shall be spoken about now (some of which were brought about by the demo):

The Background -- Some people claim they cannot see anything because of it. Others claim it does not distract at all. Unfortunately for the former, if I made it any paler, the background might as well be a bland color of white (not very interesting or in-theme).

The Lack of Difference Between Circle World and Abstract World -- Since Most of the circular enemies used in the original demo are perfectly usable, they are now going to be upgraded and adjusted for Circle World, whilst an entirely new setting and group of enemies shall be used for Abstract World.

Combat -- I recognize that bullets can move potentially slower than Abstract, and that they are indistinguishable from enemy bullets. The good news is, Abstract will no longer be firing those strange looking bullets (the bad news, as some people may find it, is that enemies generally -will- still be using similar bullets). Instead, I have decided on a color-based combat system. Red, Yellow, and Blue will be your standard assets, and have unique differences. At one time, you can only have up to 3 colors. Mixing colors results in upgraded, more specific powers. Before you ask -- no, white is not being included (You wouldn't even see it!). What this new combat system means... is that I am both glad I only had two more levels in development, and looking at the prospect of having to test an entirely new combat system.

And now we get to the contest portion of this update:

Primarily, there has been limited feedback on the site for Abstract. In order to actually get a feel for what Abstract means to people, I am officially stating the first 10 people who review ( with honesty) the present demo (two have already done so) will have access to an exclusive alpha and beta test of the new combat system. To do so means that you will have one chance to really define the combat system.

Finally, the poll (state your answer in the comments section):

Would prefer Abstract be:


Finished in alpha form, and updated from then on

Held back like Half-Life 3 until the world is about to end and the game is perfect (think before you say yes to this)

Developed until it's done, but with healthy number of demos, and a realistic aim of how much can be put in

Thank you,

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