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Five Nights in Minecraft 3 is so close to being done!

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Five Nights in Mincraft 3 is so close to done! I've create almost everything by now!

Also; a few this a want to say, about how the game will turn out and stuff like that!

Five Nights in Minecraft 3 has been so fun to work on with all the positive feedback i've gotten! You guys made it more then "fun" to make it, but it has been really weird aswell, because honestly; what i usually do is that i just jump into it without any plans or scripts. Because this is based around FNaF3, it's a little easier to design, texturize and animate, but when you have to do it over and over again because it either failed or got delete. I've had trouble making it for sure i'll admit that much. I'm just mainly happy that i didn't give up. Trust me; i've been trying to make other game and fangame, example: Five Nights at The Freddys, The Technologist, Five Nights with Fredbear, Beware of Nuclear, all of these different games and more i gave up on, because either; the story sucked, the graphics looked like crap (literally), stuff got removed from the files or as FNiM3, all of my gamefiles get removed.

And for those who cares, here's what the example games is about:

Five Nights at The Freddy's: it's basically just all the freddys from all of the games in one location.

beware of nuclear: some guy working as security guard at a nuclear factory (this game was in progress BEFORE FNaF was even made!)

The Technologist: this was suppost to be the Sequel to "Beware of Nuclear" just working as a Tech-Supporter/Technologist (i'm thinking of making this game as a stand-alone game instead of a sequel to BoN)

Five Nights with Fredbear: doesn't it make it's own sense just by the title?

Enough with that, Now let's get to what i need to add to the game:

Animatronics: BB and the puppet, ( maybe one more?)

Cameras: 9, 10 and all vent cams

Jumpscares: BB and Puppet

Extras: basically everything

all this ^^ is nothing if you think about what i HAVE done.

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