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Im back, back to kick ass, and eat some food. Oh and work on sound mods again.

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Hey, been a long time.
So, in know all of you probebly already forgot about this sound mod. But thats ok, i did to for a few months.
Anyway, im getting back into it, school is coming to an end in a 2 months, so i got time on my hands to mess around again!Anyway, for some of you that play Left 4 dead 2, awhile ago i made a soundmod for that to, not with my voice. But ide recomend you check it out, funny as hell.

So down to buisness. v2 hasnt been in progress since 2010. And i uprgaded my puter, so i lost alot of software that i needed, its gonna take me some time to find those again. But you should expect some new updates soon

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