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Introducing the main character "Snot" and the basic gameplay features like Movement and Attacking. Also a first information about elements and how they work.

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Snails are often regarded as docile and easy-going creatures that don't move very fast and hide away when faced with an attacker. When one grows a pair, the above is proven false.


Introducing the most athletic snail the world has ever seen... Snot runs, jumps, and beats the slime out of his enemies! A true mollusc hero that uses shell customisation and masters elusive elemental powers. Believe me, there may be more to a mollusc than meets the eye.

Melee Attack

Defeat enemies with close-range attacks or by throwing shells. Close-range attacks can be aimed by controlling Snot's gaze, hitting nearby enemies with his tail.

Melee Attack + Element

The melee attack can also be upgraded by giving Snot's body the power of Fire, Light, Mushrooms, and more! These power-ups can only be used for a limited time, but allow Snot to perform all kinds of abilities such as flamethrower attacks () or lasers ()!


Now onto the shells... Shells are found all throughout the game, Snot can store many of them in his Shell Inventory, and can throw them at enemies from a distance. Snail shells are most commonly found and are fired in an arc, requiring careful aiming. Conch shells on the other hand, are slightly rarer and are fired in a straight line.

Shells + Elements

The shells can also be powered up with elements, creating a plethora of weapons and utilities for Snot to carry on his back.
Using Fire Energy as an example:

When a new element is unlocked, it can be collected in every world and can then be used to solve puzzles and defeat enemies and bosses.

Each shell can only be used once – so aim carefully!

Psychic Flamingos

The Psychic Flamingos work in mysterious ways.
They perform the following functions:
- Save your game
- Fully heal Snot
- Re-spawn enemies
- Allow Snot to warp

If Snot chooses to warp, the Psychic Flamingos will direct him to a telepathic hub world where he can more easily travel between worlds.

If there are any questions or you want to get more information about something, just ask for it! Thanks.

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