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We know you love to smash things. That’s why we’re going to give you the chance to smash, snatch and snack your way through this treat!

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Hello and a gracious welcome to our first IndieDB post for our upcoming game SnOrc!
We, of course being the two people that make up Skopgat Studios, have had our first ever novice experience making a game (and working together on a project). We began small, and slowly grew into something we felt we could sustain excitement about for an extended period of time.
This is where SnOrc comes in. Being big Unity fans, we often have found ourselves browsing through the incredible assets some very talented artists have made for people like us to use, and coming up with incredulous plans and schemes and what ifs…

SnOrc began as a snowball rolling down a hill. Simple, easy and somewhat dull, right?

Hello imaginations, run wild!

Direct quote: “So um… what if we had an Orc, and he rolled into a snowball, and destroyed stuff…”

So if you have a look at the gameplay clips below, you’re going to immediately pick up on the fact that SnOrc is not just that. We kept basic controls and have begun to implement the finer details and scoring mechanisms to realise our vision of the little guy…
Arrow keys to control the ball, power-ups to grow in size and take out the humans towers, knights spawning as a werewolf terrorises their village. Of course I couldn’t forget our modest little dragon who simply wants gold.

With the game dynamically featuring levels based on speed, agility and strength, you get a satisfying piece of every pie whilst still needing to exert energy into completing each level (the “i can do it this time” mindset is what motivated us to design the way we have :D)

Our game is in early alpha stages, there is much more to come so keep an eye out for our updates and follow us on Twitter @Skopgat_Studios and Facebook @SkopgatStudios for the latest screenshots and info on our progress.

We made this to excite you, because it excites us!

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