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I founded some people to make this new patch , for you all! Michael , Charles , Logan and me are building this mod because we want to have lots of fun into my mod and for you. At the moment , cla$$ics helped me a lots because he gived me some of his mod. Lurix gonna be my person to make maps.

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We (the team) have finaly decided to release this version due to the high demand... the others versions were bugged and with a lots of errors.

This one will use the 1.12a as version and works only in english/french (uncompleted because I just dont have the time to write it) for the moment.
For the next release, 2.D1, I'll add the support of the french language for thoses who wanted it and I'll try to change the assassins skills and the Amazons ones because now I have finished my school, yeah! :P

Nous avons finalement decider de publier cette version a cause de la haute demande que j'ai recu par email et sur skype/msn. Les anciennes versions que j'avais completer ... j'avais pas reussit a regler les problemes a cause que tout le monde voulair que je sorte une nouvelle version trop rapidement.
Cette fois-ci , j'ai decider de rendre mon mod seulement disponible sur la version 1.12a en francais (j'ai pas le temps)/anglais.
Pour la prochaine version, 2.D1, je vais ajouter le support en francais pour ceux qui le desire et je vais esseyer de changer les skills que j'avais oublier sur l'assassin et l'amazone.

Lack Of Updates are coming soon!

SnMX 2.B1 :
*The Support of the .dll and .dc6 has been declined
*All .dc6 has been remade and datas too.

2.B1.0001 :
*Improved the mod stability.
*Removed and fixed the skills tab.
*Changed GUI.
*Fixed Act 1 drops.
*Fixed the fatal_error after the saving.
*Re-added customized runes

2.B1.0000 :
*The mod has been completly remade from zero for stability.
*The mod now use 1.11b with D2SE ModManager.

The Server Is Now Back Online!
To know if it's online : (but i'll add the page to check if the server is online or not)

IP :
Offset : -5
Name : SnMX


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