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The third installment in Action Half-Life 2 version 2 updates comes sneaking up on you today. Read the full news post for information on what has been fixed and updated.

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With players returning to the servers it is now time to fix some last few quirks in Action Half-Life 2 v2. Which is why we present, kind of out of nowhere, patch 3. Find below a list of fixes, additions and changes.

- Fixed teamspawn code by rewriting it and thus finally making it work like it should
- Fixed friendly fire not working correctly
- Fixed remaining rare crashes
- Fixed player not being able to use any gun after having the previous one kicked off their hands by another player
- Fixed weapon staying hidden upon using switching to the last weapon after bandaging
- Fixed players not spawning amongst their teammates at round start
- Fixed players spawning at round start and once again when starting to move
- Fixed players spawning inside objects at round start
- Fixed players spawning at odd places like outside the map at round start
- Fixed players spawning in the middle of the enemy team at round start
- Fixed players spawning inside other players (no matter if friend or foe) at round start
- Fixed players dropping too far down when spawning at round start
- Fixed players being able to spawn into or dropping directly into a trigger_hurt after spawning at round start

Updates, additions and miscellaneous changes:
- Updated sniper rifle view and world model
- Reviewed weapon switch code and added code to prevent as many remotely possible crashes as possible
- Added cvar sv_mindistancetp (default: 3500) to set the minimum amount of units between to base team spawn spots to make the spawn point selection for team games more random

Thanks fly out to the server administrators Roy_wheels and Nordmann for testing several builds over the last few weeks and months on their servers "Roy's Happy Place" and "N0rd's EU AHL2 Deathmatch Box". They both made sure that the fixes got tested "in the wild" rather than our testing environments here. Thank you also to the players who joined those two servers, especially to Kissamies who posted quite a bunch of bugs and suggestions on what may cause them.
With the release of of patch 3 development on AHL2 v2 is complete. Next up is AHL2 v3, which will be our next release. We've almost finished planning it, so watch this space for updates on this topic.
One last note on patch 3: a few of the fixes mentioned above require both the server and the client to be updated. That is, if you've already updated your client and experience one of the problems mentioned above as fixed the server may still not be updated. And now, here are the download links.

Windows Installer

AHL2v2update3 Windows Installer at

.zip version, also includes Linux server binary (just unzip in your SourceMods/orangebox folder overwriting existing files)

AHL2v2update3 .zip version at

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good to see your still updating it! :)

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Yup. But hey, why shouldn't we?

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My body is ready.

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