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Take a peek at the upcoming changes addressed to the Sirian and Hand of Sartek Factions.

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A lot of changes will be made in the upcoming version, but the biggest changes will be adressed to the Sirians, or Knights, and Hand of Sartek, or Minotaurs, Factions.

The Sirians

The biggest change to the Sirians Faction is a new ability, Knights of Agaria. This ability is a upgrade toggle which means that it's effects can be disabled and enabled any time during a game. When this ability is enabled, weaker but cheaper armies will be shipped instead of your usual armies.

The Knights of Agaria upgrade is free and can be acessed from any Keep

As long as the upgrade is enabled all your ground armies will create at half the stats, but will cost half the resources and produce for half the time. This might not sound as useful, but it will prove useful to the Sirians.

A comparison between Swordsmen when the upgrade is on (top) and off (bottom)

This ability allows you to produce cheap armies early game and allows you to access cheap armies and obtain map control while also allowing you access to expensive cavalry. Later on it can be disabled to increase the stats of your armies and re-enabled when you need an army quick.

Hand of Sartek

The Hand of Sartek faction gets a huge game play change. First, they no longer have access to Thralls, their default mine fillers, which are replaced by Eagles. Eagles are flying builders that cannot fill mines.

The Gnoll will serve as the default Minotaur Infantry and will cost no resources

Being led by the Omen of War, Minotaurs will gain a small sum of resources for killing any unit, which will make up for their lack of mine income. This will change the faction's play style entirely. The faction will now focus on offensive tactics and will have to resort to offensive to gain as many resources whit as little army casualties.

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