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Today we take a look at the map, in this early time it is not much, but the future is bright, and Early is the Development.

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We hired a new 3D modeler, which makes the future even brighter. With a whole new map in the works, and a whole new remake, to make things even better and amazing. This new map design will boast features such as an underground subway, and a lot more, I want to mention one thing as well, Paradise Hotel, It will be a very unique hotel, that players can go in, that is all I will say, as I would prefer you to be blown away. Other than all of the good news that we have come across today, I would like to touch up on some of the minor details.

I was personally contacted but a songwriter, He has some great music, we look forward to working with him in the future, but at the present, stuff like music and special sound effects, are of no use at this point.

Not much work has been done on the map itself, after we have come to the conclusion to introduce and remake this new terrain, which will bring in a lot of new possibilities.

While we are waiting for this new map, I cannot just sit around, I still have to be preparing,promoting,marketing, and preparing for 2015, while this is our 1st game, there are already plans for a sequel, I will give another hint as well, we are working on a cargo system, as you see in the end of the video, it gets time consuming having to mule your "findings" back to your base, well we are in the procedures, of allowing the player to craft a actual railroad with a working cargo train. That is it for the day, I hope you all have a wonderful night. Best of wishes -ShakyShawn8151

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