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Bugfixes, tweaks, more bugfixes, and an official soundtrack! Oh my!

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Snayke version 1.1 has been released. There are no new major feature additions, however many bugs and other issues have been addressed.


Full changelog:

  • Added bombs to random powerup spawns when powerup setting is enabled in classic multiplayer mode
  • Added graphics workaround for systems which don't support subtractive blend mode
  • Changed bots in classic multiplayer to wait a short time (based on bot difficulty) before acquiring a new destination when the current one is invalidated
  • Changed game settings to default to windowed mode
  • Changed resolution detection to only allow fullscreen resolutions with ratios 1 < ratio < 2 and sizes below 3000x2000
  • Fixed classic multiplayer matches waiting for key input after the first round
  • Fixed intro accidentally being enabled when shaders aren't supported
  • Fixed 'Open Folder' buttons not opening the correct subfolder in windows
  • Fixed replay save button in gameover menus being enabled when exiting level which hasn't started yet
  • Fixed self-replenishing blocks in replays
  • Fixed rare sorting error in classic multiplayer mode with bots
  • Fixed transition from menu to ingame when using the Restart button after a classic multiplayer match
  • Optimized drawing blocks which have no links
  • Optimized level restart code
  • Tweaked level auto-restart fade time
  • Tweaked level order in section 5
  • Tweaked spawn rate of powerups in classic mode when powerup setting is enabled
  • Tweaked some default level completion times

Anton Riehl, the game's composer, has recently released the full soundtrack for Snayke on his website. Cover art is included as playable in-game levels! Check it out.

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