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Snakelike is a turn-based Roguelike-Snake crossover game.


  • Roguelike action with a twist: Explore cavernous, procedurally generated levels filled with monsters and treasure. As you grow longer, take care to protect your segments or risk getting split in two.
  • Snakelike twistings with some roguelike action: Eat apples to grow in length. Use your segments to surround and outmaneuver your enemies, but be careful not to get in your own way.
  • Distinct monsters: Each monster type features a unique combination of behaviours and preferences encouraging you to develop specific strategies to deal with each foe.
  • Pattern-based Spell System: Acquire and cast spells by arranging your body into different patterns. The only thing preventing you from casting a spell every turn is the fact that you’ll need to re-contort yourself into the pattern.

Play it for free in your browser on!

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