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SMP 2.4 is released , Well do you really need a summary for something that awesome?

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***Download links for version 2.4*** (we have a large mod so our list of download providers is very short)

SmP v2.4 LITE.exe
Do not any patches to LITE that is #17 or earlier..
Alt SmP v2.4 LITE.7zip link,
Don not install any patch that is #19 or earlier..

SmP v2.4 FULL.exe
This version has patch fix #18 install aready!

SmP v2.4 Mod Accessories

SmP v2.4 Optional Addon Mods

SmP Patch fix #1 to #18 combined

SmP Patch Fix #20 cumulative patch.

This patch has both 19 and 20!!

Then you can install any SmP Version 2.4 Optional Addon's

----*Mod Changes v2.4*----
Fixed the missing music files
Fixed some weapons config issues,
Fixed mp_rank.ltx for some missing weapon IDs.
Added new sounds for weapons.
Added option new feet sounds.
Added new breathing sounds for each masked suits.
Added Creator Immortal Difficulty choices mods.
Fixed xr_kamp.script by 300000
Fixed trader value glitches causing odd CTD.
Edited Bloodsuckers to do more damage but less health.
Edited NPC's will now offer proper items when helping in missions.
Added Atlas spawn fix wobbles84
Added option restored bar radio music and chatter.
Added Raging bull iron sights fix thanks to AgentJR
Fixed the death looting drop bugs and balanced it.
Fixed trader files for possible ctd's and script skipping.
Added G36 Zoom sight fix thanks to AgentJR.
Updated nandersen's Dynamic weather script to verion 0.9.5
Added galil_mar_sk1 silencer fix thanks to AgentJR
Added new Allspawn to fix some start spawning issues in DV.
Fixed RPK-74M description thanks to Chernobyl2012
New file with updated textures
Fixed texture.ltx for SmP FULL with bandits bumps missing.
New Harmonica song played by stalkers.(Russian national anthem)
Fixed 1154 Hud Textures to make them look new.
Added Headbob back in to the mod
Added No jammed weapons indicator
Added Faction's equippment Alternative
Added Bak Knife as and alt skin
Removed old Gnomus scope texture.
Added Variational Weapon Mod
Added Dosimeter UI new windows mod
Added Feared Mutants & Stronger Mutants mods
Merged Water Shaders v1.0 by Zero 3
Merged Women Stalker NPC into the game!
Merged Dune buggy into the game!
Merged Shades and Gnomus High rez scopes as default textures.
Improved installation process.
Many other various fixes and tweaks.



IF You read the guide and FAQ and still have problems let us know at


can you drive cars in this super mod?

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sorry i don't see the video

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isn't boinkmaker set a corpse in red Forrest lol

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where the hell do you download this im not using megaupload msg back plzzzzzzz

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hiya a huge problem hope someone can help.i tried to make my own mod taking parts from others and merging them with smart mod manager.It didnt work but now it sats the mod is installed when i havent installed it.i tried to uninstall SMM and even Uninstalled stalker shoc.and i deleted all folders including the ones in public documents.but when i reinstall stalker and still says the mod is there.How do i get a clean uninstall of it wont do that when i install again.PLease help im at wits end.I hate to bother you all but i got noone else to turn to .

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try ccleaner.

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Hello, in the video it shows that your ak is colored, why is this?

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for ***** sake, upload the mod to a different file hosting site.

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