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Slow Progress due to Underhell's development HL2 : DM Update destroyed the mod's APPID The mod is not dead

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Hello everyone, it's been a while ! And SMOD Troopers is still alive !

SMOD Troopers development has been slowed down due to 2 major factors :

1 : I am currently spending more time on Underhell, thanks to the fact that I finally have people helping me, and that is a big motivation.

2 : Valve's Update to HL2: DM to the Orange Box engine pretty much killed Smod Trooper's old APP ID.

So the only way to run the mod without crashing is to do the following :

Go in the mod folder, and open the GAMEINFO.TXT with the notepad.
Look for the line that says SteamAppid "320" and simply change the "320" by "215" WITHOUT the quotes.
Then restart steam and the mod should work properly.

This changes the APPID from Half Life 2 Deathmatch, to the Source SDK Base 2007, which is the old Source Engine that the SMOD uses.

Now a lot of people are experiencing connection problems using that fix, and apparently this is related to the new AppId... So in order for the mod to work again online I will have to do some digging around that, but it's hard when you don't have the Original Source Code of SMOD...

Around that the progress is still there, let's talk a bit about what's planned :

Fixing both campaign maps - 100 %
Fixing the infinite zombie horde in DeadWorld
Fixing the fence crushing players during the escape in vehicle
Changing the escape to a different that can support more than 4 players inside the vehicle.

Adding the LostIsland map - 70 %
The one you saw in the pictures, the main objectives are to gather C4 that spawns randomly around the island, and to destroy SAM sites with it, then head inside the base and destroy it as well.

Adding the Wasteland map - 50 %
Haven't posted images of it, it's pretty big and empty wasteland ish map, with a lot of roads to drive around, since many people were saying that the vehicles were useless in the included map, which is true, I am making one that will be based around vehicles.

Adding the DodgeMine map - 100 %
It's basically DodgeBall sport with a roller mine, really fun, it's more of a funny map, not really a Campaign map.

Adding the VIGILANT HUB - 5 %

That is the biggest Update, every time a campaign has been completed, the server will automatically change map to the VIGILANT, that will be like the "Main Ship" or Base for the UMT.
Players will go there after each map, and PHYSICALLY vote for the next map by going into the according shuttle.
There will be one Shuttle per map, with the name of the destination on the entrance of the shuttle.
The next map will be determined by the number of players that go in the shuttle.

But that's not all ! The VIGILANT HUB also has secondary activities, such as Shoot the Headcrab ! More casinos ! And other stupid stuff I haven't even imagined yet...
All these activities will make you win money, that hopefully will get transferred between the map changes...

ADDING THE NEW GUNS NOFREAGING CLUE% (Yeah I know, that's not a percentage...)

Jen4 is an awesome modeler...He's in fact so awesome that he's working on I don't know how many projects...Even a Fallout New Vegas mod, and more of his own stuff...

All the weapons pictures I showed you were what he gave me at the time, but as far as the weapons are concerned, it's out of my hands...

Oh, and for all the awesome people showing me cool weapons from FPSBANANA, asking me to use them, it's awesome to get your support and opinion, but I would really like SMTP to have their original weapons, so either you contribute with something you made yourself, or you contribute with a weapon from someone who actually gave you the permission to do so.

So there you go... I will finish the Underhell Prologue, release it, and then try to fix the APPID into a working multiplayer mod again...

If I can't manage to fix it, then either the mod dies, or I start working on codding a new one myself... (Aouch...I shouldn't have said that...)

So thank you for your patience...The ONLY reason I am posting this right now, is because I see that people are still interested in this, and are still playing it, posting comment, which is really amazing given the fact that it's a BETA version...

So I will definitely do my best to make this work again, but I really got to finish this Underhell prologue...It's been cooking for too long !


Awesome, can't wait for a patch for this with VIGILANT HUB and the release of Underhell. Underhell looks hella nice mod.

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I like this mod and Underhell to, so I can't really decide what is more awesome to hear...

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damn, can't just wait fer' it

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