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Just an update on Smod Replay, cause there hasn't been one in a while.

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Smod: Replay will be released very soon, I just have to polish some things up. There are some unfixable bugs that I faced during the making of this mod, because I need the Smod source code.

-When walking on dead bodies/ props / weapons. u get stuck but can easily get out.
-There is no chat box
-Most maps with lots of npc spawners crash it, including some regular Smod/Smod Tactical SP Maps
-I will try to port the Half-Life 2 Campaign in a small patch later on, but not in release
-On weapon list some weapons are blanked out, but not many
- Guns dont have working movements un-ironsighted
MAIN BUG: This really sucks, and probaly cant be fixed; but maybe in a new patch: You cant create a server using Dedicated Server, it crashes it. You have to play lan or hamachi.

Public Hamachi Server:

I will be hosting a hamachi network for it, but people are probaly gonna have to find peoples games that they are playing using the lan tab or connecting to people by ip adress.
Hamachi Server: Network:smodreplay | Password:smod

Even though theres lots of bugs, this mod is very fun to play with your freinds. I will be uploading a gameplay trailer soon.

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