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Hello again, it is me, Nikolay Aulov. Today i would like present to you the second version of my mod on Source SDK 2013 with many custom weapons. So, let's have a start.

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Download link.

SMOD: Half-Life: Source SDK 2013 Custom Weapon's

Firstly, do not forget to read the mod purpose on the main page of the mod. Also, have a look at provided below video that tells you how to set up the weapon custom. Let's have a talk about the problems of the mod progress. I would like to say, that i need C++ coders, that can help me with SMOD recreation on Source SDK 2013 version. If you are good in coding weapons, shaders, scripts and etc, please help me. Because i can not make all things, that you have seen in SMOD. That is the problem. But, i suppose, i will finish this, but not only by myself, you, the SMOD fans can help me, i suppose. I am really good in coding monsters and npcs, also in weapons and entities, but, i am repeating, it is really hard to rewrite the full features and put it in workable stage into the source code libraries. So, if you can help, just join, let me know. Thank you very much for your attention.

Just have a look at "WeaponSpec" line of the custom weapon. It differs from original SMOD, but i will try to recreate full features of custom weapons.

So, here is a list of spawnable custom weapons:

1.)weapon_custom#( replace # with number 1 to 30 )

2.)cstrike_weapon_custom#( replace # with number 1 to 50 )

3.)dod_weapon_custom#( replace # with number 1 to 50 )

How To Install.

1.)Install Steam.

2.)Then install Half-Life 2 and Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer in Steam.

3.)Quit Steam.

4.)Download "hl1_smod.rar" archive in provided above link.

5.)Open this "hl1_smod.rar" archive with WinRAR or 7-Zip program.

6.)You will see "hl1_smod" folder in this "hl1_smod.rar" archive.

7.)Extract it to your "sourcemods" directory, for example:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods

8.)Then launch Steam.

9.)You will see "SMOD: Half-Life: Source" in your Games List.

10.)Press "PLAY" and enjoy.

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