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Just a small update to keep everyone up to date as to what's been going on.

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Hello everyone,

As you've all probably noticed already I haven't really updated a lot lately. This is mostly due to school taking up so much time and also I was working for H:FO. I just want you all to know I will continue work on this however, things would progress more easily if I had someone, anyone to help me out a little. Should you know someone who has any modeling or texturing skills please send them here or if you are and you're willing to help me out send me a PM.

Also, let me know what you want to see first. I've got four more UNSC units to make and then they're all complete (for now) or should I first make some more Covenant units? UNSC will get the Cradle and the Covenant Ascendant Justice.

To not let this message be a complete let down, I have decided that the UNSC as well as the Covenant will be getting a starbase model.

Ciao and I hope to actually have some new pictures for you all soon!

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