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Well at long last I've put together a preliminary version of Squad Level Tactics 2 that highlights the unique gameplay this mission brings to the masses.

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After a looooong time in development, there's finally something I feel comfortable enough with to share with OFDR enthusiasts.

Squad Level Tactics 2 is a departure from the type of gameplay experienced in SLT 1. The game has been augmented immensly by the use of a hotkey system that was first developed by HaywoodSlap from the OFDR forums. With the introduction of ingame menu's that are entirely hotkey driven and some intense lua code, you can see how the potential of the game has been expanded beyond things most of us ever thought possible with Dragon Rising.

That said, you'll find plenty of pla resistance as you start out on the western side of Skira. Every location in the AO is defended by large pla forces. You will have to use strategic manuevering to move yourself into position to strike with the full potential of the weapons that are at your disposal. The game in some aspects almost feels like Command and Conquer with a first person twist and some awesome firefights.

This version, while being a blast to play, is only the foundation for a much larger scheme that I plan to continually develop. I hope you will enjoy this, the first official offering from the up and coming Squad Level Tactics 2.


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