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This story is as consistent as a random number generator.

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Okay, I'm not good at beginnings so yea.

I should mention these "Slowstory Sunday" fluff is basically me putting out what I'm doing during that Sunday and maybe have some insight on what is going on(and to show that I have no idea what I'm doing).


The story of Project EUtopia has changed a bunch; I'm never satisfied with it, or I just can't continue with it since I've never been able to write long stories.

Example of what I mean(I made this if you need to know):
Experimental(warning long)

Play close attention to the fact that just seems more and more disingenuous.
So if you don't like that type of writing then you are free to "Stop Tracking" this game.(even though you were always free to do that, am'I right?).
Also don't pay attention to the summary at the top of this page(or lack there of) because that will always change(if something is actually in ther).

Let me just quote it here before I remove it.
"Project EUtopia is a first person shooter, where the characters involved have memory loss of an incident. It may be generic it may not but that is for you to find out*."

Might as well include the description while I'm at it,
"Having woken up in a very foggy place, a series of notes tells you that you have forgotten your way, alas that means you have no idea what is going on, a.k.a ye olde Amnesia**.
However that doesn't mean your memories are lost forever, there just on a hiatus is all. Even some other people got a case of the Amnesia, so how are you going to get your memories back?Easy; just go to a psychologist to talk it out with the other Amnesia patients.
Ah, just kidding some crazy looking scientist dude and check got their hands on a brain scanner. Now let me ask again; how are you going to get your memories back?
The hell do I know.***

*When it actually releases
**Amnesia, the perfect starting for any video game protagonist
***That means that I have to test my boat of a concept to see if it can stay above water.

tl;dr-I'm giving out a premature warning so if this game flops then I can say,"I told you so."

Anyway, enough with my long winded stupidity.
I must say write that I am re-writing the story(surprise surprise). Also the coding biz is fixed and more optimized(no more instantiated and destroy, it is now just pooled objects). I should actually mention that I was/am re-writing my code so it can work by itself(because one script not working broke the whole game).

I don't like the look of this

I'll give some insight of what I added and changed with the story(just cause):
- No more memory shenanigans
- No more Amnesia(so the protagonist actually has a personality)
- The 'U' faction guys are more like celebrities
- The 'E' faction guys are more like sensible people
- More lore that makes sense
- I actually learned some new stuff

I just hope I don't change the story again.

Fun fact:I usually don't proofread what I write.
Another fun fact:I am using just a camera to test my independent scripts out. See:

Just a camera

Another another fun fact:This happened to me during rigging.

Holy shit man!

See you next week. Maybe.

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