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It is basically like the,"WHAT NEW BUG I FOUND!".Let see if I can make this work.

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I should start by saying that my workflow in making this game involves me working in small intervals and taking long breaks so updates don't happen frequently. I tried to fix this with Screenshot Saturday but that involves me actually making changes that people can actually see(coding changes and re writes can't be shown).

I made this for the purpose of updating the small number of people "watching" this game and to actually push me to make more updates, so this is like a pilot, testing the water if you may.

These wont be that long but some feedback would help.

Fun fact: I was supposed to make this earlier after I added some object pooling however I encountered a game crashing bug, and it is persistent.

The bug involves instantiating a prefab and the issue is that I can't access a certain transform without Unity crashing on me.

In unrelated news:
Also I made a game for a game jam(my first one :D)
Smooth Lounge
(it is basically a walking simulator)

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