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College may have started (with their tasks practically coming down on me like a ton of bricks, as expected), but this train's still going! CHOO CHOO! Here's the Remod to the strange and unusual Ispitatel quaTrilogy by "twenty-one"!

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If you're wondering why this is called a quaTrilogy, it's because there's originally 4 mods with the Ispitatel name.
Unfortunately, the third entry in the series got their files hacked, causing severe loss of data, with the "final release" (if you can even call it that) ended up being quite the catastrophe.
But still, i can't deny the simple fact that there's 4 entries in the series, hence the quaTrilogy.

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod 1.0


So, yeah, Ispitatel, not really something you'd expect.
The first entries were basically just Black Mesa in Russian, so it's not really something special at first glance.
Until the snarks bust in through the glass, that is...

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod Screenshots

Ispitatel 1 then goes on to push you through unusual situations, from going around a particularly small area filled with constantly spawning enemies doing objectives, swimming through a pool filled to the brim with leeches without any melee weapons, to surviving an ambush comprised of a wall filled with soldiers, 2 gargantuas, 2 choppers, and a squad of aliens (though you do have a tank, in general survival rates in this mod is rather balanced surprisingly, me playing on Hard with little difficulties, IF you know what to do).

Can be fun, but mostly acquired taste.

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod Screenshots

Ispitatel 2 decides to go for a mission based kind of progression, starting with you launching a rocket, revisiting ground zero to put it to the ground for real, and then assaulting Xen with the rocket that you've launched from the first mission.
You have friendly soldiers in this one, so thankfully a lot of combat situations are not just you vs dozens.
Some custom weapons from OP4 appear as well, though a bit disappointingly misrepresented with the pipewrench lacking the secondary and simply acting as a second crowbar, the "desert eagle" not having lasersight, and the others being straight gone, makes me wonder why they were added in the first place.

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod Screenshots

The cutscenes where people talk can get a bit tedious to sit through, both in the first and second mods, language barrier not helping, so i removed a couple of the player blocks, allowing players to simply skip them and go for the exit if they want (sans the REALLY important ones that has the map relying on positions).

I had to do something as well to the I2 labs map, a particular sequence apparenly won't happen unless you save/load in the middle of it, so hopefully that's now fixed.

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod Screenshots

Ispitatel 3 is a no go, simple as that.
The original creator has even done the magnificent work of salvaging the wreckage and using it for I4, so trying to remod I3 is rather redundant.

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod Screenshots

I don't know if it's because i wasn't paying any attention, but Ispitatel 4 is straight bonkers, i couldn't understand a thing even after replaying so much for this Remod.
First you "get to experiment more" with the snarks, though the mod seems to favor houndeyes for some reason, you fighting them for the majority of the mod.
They are referenced as "dogs" in the mod, not "adult" snarks, i don't think you even encounter hostile snarks in the mod (sans the intro).
There's 2 Gman's now, one good and one bad.
Some proper custom weapons does show up, with different hands as well, really like the variety.
Well, i don't want to spoil too much, it's best to see this stuff for yourselves.

Ispitatel quaTrilogy | Remod Screenshots

Most of the texts and conversations of these mods are in Russian, but i did managed to translate some of them, mostly texture-based stuff.
I couldn't do I4 completely unfortunately, just look at the .wads if you want to know why.
Just can't be arsed for that hundreds of handwriting textures.
You're welcome to try, i use "Wally" for the .wads editing stuff.

That's all that i can think of saying for now.
Hopefully, you all can enjoy it as i have.
Thanks for reading.

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