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This week not to much in terms of game play was added, more on the back-end.

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So I'll admit, this week was a slower week. I had a lot on my plate. But there will not be a week as long as Miner Threat is in development where I will completely slack off. (Except if I was hit by a bus or something.)

So what happened to Miner Threat this week? Almost all graphically related things. Currently, Miner Threat is in a very broken state because of one major bug that I'm working on. But what was added is

  • Dynamic Camera with tweening (Single player only)
  • Quick, precise camera for 2 players
  • No more will going off screen screw the game over
  • Screen shaking occurs on the sides of the room (Previously didn't)
  • Lots of graphical options added
  • Framerate option added

Now the framerate one is a weird one. By the time I thought of delta time (Unlimited FPS), it was far too late in development. But that doesn't prevent me from adding FPS related options. So Miner Threat was originally 60FPS. Good? Yes. However; if you couldn't hold 60 the game would be slow. That's not good for low end systems. Now there are 4 options for FPS: 30, 60, 90, and 120. The only catch is the game must achieve whatever FPS you choose to run at full speed.

I know that sounds bad, but most indie games have this. You just don't notice it. So if you're on a low end pc and you can't hold 60, bump it down to 30 and as long as you can hold that, it will play the same as any other option with the arguable difference of smoothness. And if you have a beast TB pc, bump it to 120 and enjoy the smoothness. Options for all pcs.

Options like AA and VSync were also added. In my opinion, completely unnecessary, but a lot of die-hard PC gamers want those kind of things, and I'd be stupid to ignore the target audience.

As for the camera, it has undergone major renovations. The camera smoothly makes it's way to the player in single player, and in multiplayer it is precise and quick. You may wonder why, and that is easily explained. When in single player, there is only one thing to follow around. In two player, the two players could be doing something completely different resulting in a really wonky camera.

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Tell me what you want for next week and I'll work at it.

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