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Updates coming in version 1.17: (Date of completion in brackets [DD/MM/YY])
Player AI set to aggresive by default. [4/10/14]
Graphical update to ships in game being filled in. [27/9/14]
Executor's Paladin Shield abbility now only activates on the selected Executor. [27/9/14]
Graphical update to shops.
Intro sequence added to mission start. [2/2/15}
Show mainbase current status in menu. [10/3/15]
Resources distinguished from Supplies, icon added to each. [4/10/14]
Two new battlecruisers. [27/10/14]
Message screen. [24/10/14]
Unit upgrades. [8/11/14]
Armor and Weapon upgrades seperated as needing to be researched first, and then applied to individual units.
Allow battlecruisers to go into ambush mode in mission preparation screen by pressing 'A' to toggle. maximum of n-1 battlecruisers are allowed to go into ambush mode. Units can be put into ambush mode with an AOE ambush unit that can be purchased. Maybe make the battlecruiser ambush modes be purchased too? [20/10/14]
Venator has EMP missiles. [Attack Speed change]
Upgrade the final boss's damage, maybe more interceptors. [4/10/14]
Add formations which can be avoided by pressing alt when right clicking or issuing orders. [4/10/14]
Remove inner circles when a unit is selected, or make them thicker. Maybe add a line from the range circle to the center of the unit, or to the selected inner circle. [27/9/14]
Zero mode
Zoom in and out with text staying the same size, display on minimap. Have a Zoom % somewhere if zoomed in or out. [24/4/15 sprites and text does not stay the same size]
Fixed laser to select a target or ground, turn to target and then fire. [31/1/15]
Sound effects.
Add allied and enemy missile traps. [20/10/14]

Four different art styles. [Two currently 7/11/14]
Double the abbilty charge up time for boss. [4/10/14]
New bosses, secret boss. [Six Currently 7/11/14]
Units inside drag box indicator. [11/10/14]
X and y distance marked with lines on bottom and left of screen. [2/2/15]
Pause menu and options. [13/13/15}
Fix reload system.
Add in menu animation, start up game animation. [31/10/14], [16/3/15]

Make formations move at same speed. [before 15/4/15]
Abbility to assign and change formation types during planning and in game.[In Game Only 7/11/14][In Planning way before 15/4/15]
Enemy plasma balls now destroy missiles[4/10/14]
Increased range and amount of Avalanche's Shards. [4/10/14]
Increased max speed of Hunters to .6 [4/10/14]

v1.16a released on 4/10/14
Added line from center of units to name and underlines name. [4/10/14]
Increase supply cost of Sagitus to 18 and fixed description from naming it "Starslash" to "Sagitus" [4/10/14]
Added Warp Space abbility for Million [4/10/14]
Updated Battlecruiser icons [4/10/14]

v1.16b2 released on 15/10/14
Freya, Freyr bosses added, Laevateinn mobile armor, Valkyrie II's, drop pods, Ravens added in level 17 boss fight
Finished Orage enemy unit
Added Tempest II's in levels from 4 onwards
Havok's now have rockets
Added enemy Alliance Praetor and Imperator units
Finished two extra levels

Reduce size of and finish contour maps [20/10/14]
Add formation button and other formations [20/10/14]

20/10/14 v1.16b3
Fixed start locations on all maps
Fixed background contour maps
Fixed Battlecruisers information not displaying properly in preparation screen
Moved "Start Mission" button to top and moved text in preparation screen
Added missile and laser turrets
Gave Venator the Anti Missile Field abbility

22/10/14 v1.16b4
Navigation screen now shows current location of Main Base and some important locations along with location names
Formations button fixed, need to add more formations
Enemy units and amount of units shown on right of preparation screen
Ambush units limited to four, will change to add more in future based on missions completed
Missile turrets now show ammunition

24/10/14 v1.16b5
Message screen added with story for all levels.
Dialogue added to several levels, changes to level 11 with new aircraft carrier ships
Freedom now has 10,000 hp.
Maps updates to reflect story.

27/10/14 v1.16b6
Missions improved including Tsunami aircraft carriers start launching ships when player is detected.
Graphics style button added, two graphics style currently available with improved normal units' models.
Added Large EMP missiles to Bellator, 2 ammunition (Area of Effect EMP missile).
Added Longbow missiles to Million (very long range missile with 200 damage).
Tsunami models finished.
Laevateinn turning speed increased, damage increased to 50.
Two new battlecruisers available as rewards in campaign, two others available in specific missions.
Added map marker for orbital elevator.

31/10/14 v1.16b7
Added hangar menu and removed units shown below ship purchasing menu.
Fixed Large EMP missiles in collision.
Added main menu screen animation.
Divided stats in Main Base menu into sections.
Fixed graphics in ship puchasing menu.
Renamed ship purchasing menu to assembly.
Removed some drones and Havoks from level 3.
Added icons to menu buttons.

7/11/14 v1.16b8
Added in menu System Messages.
Fixed battlecruiser rewards for levels 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 18.
Added alerts for when a reward is obtained.
Destroyed units now have their actual models.
Level 2 now has more dialogue, Praetor creation point moved to inside map.
Other stuff.

8/11/14 v1.16b9
Added third background type.
Added High Explosive Missiles to Monsoon, damage all player units in 150 radius.
Fixed several models.
Added ship upgrade shop.
Fixed "Insufficient Resources" message in main base shop, made it system message.

?/11/14 v1.16b10
1. Fixed deleting battlecruisers error
2. Fixed deleting missile turrets lowering the amount of ambush units available
3. Made laser turrets ambushed by default without using ambush units
4. Made grid formation centered around mouse click and spaced it out more.
5. Removed shield draw event from all units and replaced with shield draw event in all_units parent object
6. Large EMP Missile now affects allied unit's shields as well.
7. Finished Anti Plasma Field, added to Mariner
8. Fixed level 16 transports offline and altitude indicators overlapping
9. Removed extra large EMP Missile Hit message that appeared on detonation.
10. Added Sniper abbility to Praetor
11. Fixed laser abbility to turn to target before firing and show range.
12. Added laser abbility to executor
13. Added range indicator to Bellator missile barrage

/11/14 v1.16b11
1. Added E-mails menu
2. Finished Liberty Boss
4. Added TNNP Field to Liberty
5. Moved altitude indicator on transports in leel 14 under offline indcator.
6. Shields graphic representation is now the same shape as the units' models.
7. Level 13 fixed to not have planning stage, added starting units and units later on.
8. Molniya damage doubled to 200
9. Sagitus damage increased to 80
10. Sagitus maximum speed increased to .25
11. Changed color of missions menu to white
12. Enemy units respond if attacked
13. Heavy explosive missiles now can be shot down by anti missile laser

/12/14 v1.16b12
1. Fixed Arbiter's range

20/1/15 v1.16b13
1. Fixed bug that caused new versions to crash after Level Select menu
2. Fixed menus
3. Added current ability name to cursor when selecting target
4. Fixed placement errors for help menu and system and game messages for different screen resolutions
5. Added Alliance Praetor unit to level 2
6. Fixed save game bug when starting game for first time
7. Longbow Missile now does up to 500 additional damage based on current speed.

22/1/15 v1.16b13b
1. Added custom colorization of in game background, available in the Options menu.

24/1/15 v1.16b14
1. Increased Molniya range to 550
2. Increased Starslash range to 60
3. Fixed level 13 unit creation trigger
4. Changed Praetor in level 13 for Liberator
5. Fixed Unit AI button not displaying AI properly at start of mission
6. Sagitus range decreased to 560
7. Liberty now spawns units
8. Fixed TNNP missile sometimes creating Anti Missile Fields

27/1/15 v1.16b15
1. Fixed Tsunami's image angle not matching its direction
2. Missile turrets now deactivate after ammo is empty without subtracting from player score
3. Sniper ability on Sagitus and Praetor now shows square on unit to indicate when active
4. AI now changed to aggressive once Liberty spawns in mission 13
5. Executor can no longer use laser while using Paladin Shield
6. Wraiths can now cloak
7. Ability icon colours fixed
8. Unit name and health moved, unit energy indicator moved to below health
9. Unit abilities can now be purchased in the Laboratory
10. Upgrades now show text when clicked on and a separate button for buying them has been added
11. Unit's current and next level upgrades are now shown in the ship upgrade shop
12. Hangar now has room title

31/1/15 v1.16b16
1. Rearranged unit upgrade buttons order and added rectangle around stats relating to upgrade
2. Moved upgrade number text under upgrade name to make name fit in unit upgrade button
3. Removed enemy units from level 3
4. Moved last two Molniya units closer to others in level 7
5. Fixed bug that changed orientation of text in game when clicking on a unit
6. Added abilities to Stormbringer
7. Fixed Guardian Shield on Starslash
8. Striker's Pummel railgun ability now only hits first target in line of fire of each shot
9. Striker's Pummel railgun ability now draws the last shot
10. Praetor now has the updated laser abbility
11. Freedom now has a widelinear beam shot instead of a single target shot
12. Freedom turn rate reduced to .4
13. Freedom's line of fire is now displayed even when not firing
14. Added transparency slider on game options for in game background colour
15. Missile collisions reprogrammed to reduce lag
16. FPS indicator added at bottom right
17. Fixed direction of rectangle around ship upgrades when scrolling through upgrades
18. Reload speed percent fixed in ship upgrade shop

3/2/15 v1.16b17
1. Added Mission Intro sequence
2. Added grid lines in mission
3. Win button now says "Mission Success" instead of "Victory!"
4. Winning a mission now takes you to the world map to see your new location
5. Fixed range circle on abilities to always change to blue when enemies are within range
6. Mainbase laser can now be aimed with range circle. It also turns to target to fire, and if aimed outside range the Mainbase will move to the target while firing.
7. Fixed alignment of energy and units remaining indicators when selecting a player unit with plasma shields
8. Fixed some abilities overlapping when selecting multiple units
9. Wraith and Striker now correctly colour the ability icon when the ability is unavailable
10. Starslash, Sagitus and Praetor using new abbility drawing system
11. Extra charging bar on laser removed from Praetor and Mainbase

5/2/15 v1.16b18
1. Updated all units to use new ability GUI
2. Fixed mission 16's triggers instead of using mission 15's
3. Battlecruisers and their information added to Library
4. Added Battlecruisers' abilities to Library
5. Added designs to mission intro animation
6. Midgard base battlecruiser icon removed, life bar added
7. Win button now centers on screen with animation

9/2/15 v1.16b19
1. Allied units and battlecruisers no longer show up on the unit portraits at the bottom of the screen

9/2/15 v1.16b19b
1. Fixed Battlecruisers not showing UI information or buttons
2. Fixed Hangar, deleting units in the Planning stage
3. Fixed Belator Barrage, laser, missiles, and railguns crashing game if selected with no enemy units in game
4. Striker's Railgun can now be fired while moving
5. AI set to attack now even if weapons are not reloaded
6. Striker turnrate decreased from 5.5 to 5
7. Striker Railgun cooldown now starts when fired

11/2/15 v1.16b20
1. Allies' AI fixed at start by fixing spelling of state
2. Anti plasma field now destroys plasma balls
3. Enemy units and player missiles optimised to minimise lag
4. Added Images ability to mariner
5. Belator Large EMP missiles ability now shows correct hotkey.

/2/15 v1.16b21 (Optimisation)
1. Added mariner's Images ability to the Library
2. Optimized text alerts in game to reduce lag
3. Increased size of and added space between grid lines and sides of screen
4. Text alerts now don't occur if outside of screen
5. Max text alert number now decreases to minimise lag
6. Optimized script for nearest_unit()
7. Added step trigger to enemy AI to acquire targets every second
8. Changed enemy AI to go to 'attack' state instead of move state when moving towards enemies
9. Enemy units now only draw if selected or near the player's view
10. Attacks no longer need to have line of sight to the target
11. Text alert backgrounds transparency increased from .2 to .28
12. Player units text alerts will now correctly show in green
13. Enemy units getting hit now appears in red
14. Turrets can no longer be ordered to move
15. Fixed bug that crashed game if turret AI was set to aggressive with no enemy units to target
16. Tutorial times for messages increased to 60 seconds
17. Level 11 mission text changed
18. Added 4 Blizzard's to boss on level 11
19. Added 6 wraith reinforcements in level 11
20. Tsunami and tsunami 2 image angle fixed
21. Tsunami 2 can now be taken offline
22. Collision removed from Shards
23. Fixed starting direction for units in level 11
24. Avalanche thrust increased from 1000 to 2000
25. Moonrunner turnrate decreased from 6 to 5
26. Edited Level 11's contour map
27. Reprogrammed all enemy missiles and Shards to reduce lag
28. Fixed bug in High Explosive missile that used the target's range instead of the explosion range to determine damage
29. Fixed bug in level 13 for using is_ship() instead of is_ship_obj()

18/2/15 v1.16b22
1. Added smoke fields to Tempest II which make enemy units inside them unselectable, and changed targeting abilities to not be able to target units in smoke field
2. Belator Barrage now uses draw_range().
3. Unselectable units cannot be attacked by units, targeted by attacks by A-clicking on them, right clicking on them, or if they were already being attacked.
4. Fixed bug in AI not checking for existence of targets
5. Optimised enemy AI target acquisition
6. Smoke rockets added to Tempest II's
7. New unit added to Rebels: Hailstorm, with Artillery ability. Added to levels 10, 12, 16, and 18

20/2/15 v1.16b23
1. Added Weapon State switch button, [Tab], to list of keys
2. Buy upgrade button in laboratory switched place with special ability button, other upgrades shifted
3. Buy upgrade button text now takes two lines
4. Enemy AI now allows for specialized behavior for each unit
5. Large EMP missile now affects allied units as well
6. Anti Plasma Field now only affects enemy units with plasma type weapons
7. All Rebel units now have plasma type weapons except Sentries, Havoks, Berkuts, and Tempests, which have firearm type weapons, and Hailstorms, which have shell type weapons
8. All player units have laser type weapons except for arbiters which have firearm type weapons, and Strikers which have shell type weapons.
9. Anti Plasma Field now only reduces shields if they are above 0
10. Fixed Striker's Railgun to only hit first target in line of fire and show line only from Striker to target
11. Blizzard's reload speed increased from .002 to .005
12. Optimised smoke clouds
13. When an enemy becomes unselectable it will now deselect the unit if it was selected at the time
14. Enemy loading bars not visible if the unit if not visible
15. Molniya Plasma Field now only targets visible player units
16. Molniya Plasma Field can now be disabled by Anti Plasma Field
17. Remade weapon state to allow for different DPS and ranges.
18. Removed Praetor sniper ability
19. Added Sniper square for praetor's second wepon state
20. Optimized large EMP Missile
21. Monsoon renamed to Monsoon A with display name MNSOON/A, and Monsoon II renamed to Monsoon B with display name MNSOON/B
22. Executor energy recharge reduced from .02 to .01
23. Battlecruiser icons at top spaced out more from 45 to 90 pixels inbetween
24. Stormbringers in level 8 equipped with heavy missile and rockets
25. Blizzards now have 400 shield instead of 200 shield
26. Pulse Flare grenades added to Monsoon A
27. Monsoon A now will not fire special abilities if it is offline
28. Monsoon B now has a long range Multiple Missile Vehicle missile that splits into ten missiles
29. Enemy missiles damage increased from 10 to 20

25/2/15 v1.16b24
1. Stormbringers now do not display equipment type when they have run out of ammo
2. Freedom now only shows it's shot indicator when units are out of range
3. Pulse Flare grenade now detonates when in contact with missiles instead of contact with units.
4. Zero unit added to player and Zero ability added to Mainbase
5. Load function fixed to update when a new ability becomes available
6. Hailstorms now have a text message alert when launching artillery strike
7. Added shotgun ability to Venator
8. Fixed enemy AI not attacking when passive unless entering attack range
9. Removed Venator's weapon rate abbility
10. Added Suppression field to Praetor
11. Added MGN Field to Mariner
12. Added Burst Abbility
13. Fixed bug where defeat condition only triggered if Mainbase was online
14. Fixed mission 14's countdown timer not converting to seconds properly
15. Shotgun, suppression missile, MGN missile and Zero abilities added to Library
16. Library now properly shows all abilities
17. Library fixed not to show enemy unit names when clicking on allied unit names, instead it only shows "Rebel Units"
18. Updated Imperator's description from"...The Imperator is comparable to small Vanir class spaceships in both size and firepower. It's weapons and technology are unknown, other than an immense amount of laser arrays." to "...The Imperator is comparable to small Vanir class spaceships in terms of both size and firepower. It's weapons and technology are unknown, other than an immense number of laser arrays."
19. Battlecruiser abilities added to Library
20. Library graphically updated

26/2/15 v1.16b25
1. MGN Missile now does not detonate if it hits an enemy unit
2. Added line of fire function to Longbow Missiles to show if a unit is in the way
3. Selecting Enemy Units in the Library now removes the ability buttons from the Battlecruisers tab
4. Increased Monsoon A's Pulse Flare cooldown from 20 seconds to 25 seconds
5. Added weapon_pressure
6. Added minimaps with enemy locations in planning stage
7. MMV Sub Missiles maximum speed increased from 2 to 2.5
8. Mainbase health warnings now show even if offline
9. A message will now be displayed whenever a player battlecruiser is destroyed
10. Battlecruisers now have added armor that can e applied by pressing spacebar

28/2/15 v1.16b26
1. Fixed spelling and grammar errors in battlecruiser ability descriptions
2. Finished Power System for battlecruisers. Battlecruisers can now switch between adding auxiliary power to shields, weapons, propulsion, or reserve energy
3. Fixed battlecruiser hotkeys from "F1-F6" to "F1-F8" in Help Menu
4. Fixed minimap 15 being in place of minimap 17
5. Fixed bug with Laevateinn repairing
6. Increased Laevateinn turn rate from 3 to 4
7. Added Battlecruiser Upgrades Shop
8. Fixed Wraiths on level 11 not being invisible to enemies
9. Made new icon for Assembly button, changed name of Laboratory to Aircraft Lab, changed icon to the previous Assembly icon
10. Rearranged Mission Menu into groups
10. Battlecruisers now have added armor that can e applied by pressing spacebar

3/3/15 v1.16b27
1. Fixed battlecruiser upgrade prices
2. Multiple units in the Planning stage can now be selected, moved, and rotated at the same time.
3. Placing units in the Planning stage is now done on mouse left pressed instead of mouse left released.
4. Starting locations are now shown in the minimap of the Planning stage
5. Multiple units can be selected in the Planning stage by holding shift while clicking on units
6. Left clicking outside a unit will deselect all units in the Planning stage
7. All selected units will now rotate when right clicking
8. Pressing Escape will now deselect all units and unit placement button in the Planning stage
9. Units are now placed in the Planning stage by clicking on the unit type and then clicking to place them wherever the mouse is
10. The cursor now changes when a unit placement button is selected
11. When all units of a specific type are placed, the unit placement button will now change colour
12. The Ship Lab will now only show the battlecruisers you have available
13. Removed duplicate text and images overlapping in the battlecruiser lab
14. E-Mail and Aircraft Lab now have boxes
15. Retribution boss added to level 18
16. Added Pelican units to level 8

4/3/15 v1.16b28
1. Allied units now show up when dead and have a new death message
2. Added new make_unit() function, now new units have portraits
3. Message in level eleven changed from "Battlecruiser coming in from the north west. It's very fast. " to "Battlecruiser incoming from south west, it's fast."
4. Optimised move function
5. Enemy missiles now constantly move at their top speed after reaching it
6. Retribution turn rate decreased from 1 to .5
7. Freedom warning time for shot increased from 2 seconds to 2.6 seconds
8. Help text in planning menu shifted to the right to not overlap with buttons
9. Unit placement buttons in the Planning stage now correctly show a green square on them when selected
10. Updated mission 17's dialogue
11. Heavy missile now damaged enemy units as well
12. Fixed total number of units shown at top middle
13. Total number of text messages is now limited, can be changed in the menu to improve performance
14. Mainbase sprite added to Art Style button
15. Units moved outside of screen in the Planning stage will now be moved back in
16. Fixed bug where moving multiple units at the same time did not update the other unit's locations when the level starts

7/3/15 v1.16b29
1. Updated tooltip function to have longer rectangle width
2. Added tooltips to menu and options buttons
3. Updated buttons to always be opaque
4. Added ammo count to battlecruiser icons
5. Fixed Zero hotkey showing up at fifth ability spot
6. MGN Field timer increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds
7. GN Field added to Zero
8. Zero energy decreased from 200 to 100
9. Zero energy recharge increased from .02 to .04
10. Fixed bug in aircraft lab that crashed the game if the Valkyrie has no plasma shields
11. Plasma shield stats are no longer shown in aircraft and battlecruiser labs if plasma technology has not been researched (researching plasma tech will be implemented later)
12. Added remote mine to player units
13. Missile turret damage increased to 60
14. Added five strikers as reinforcements in mission 4
15. Aggressive move will now properly show a red line to the current target
16. Added remote mines to level 18
17. Shut down button updated to fade with the start button instead of using the parent button draw code
18. Updated move_view() function, replaced UI's code with it, it will no longer start outside of room
19. Starting location of units from planning stage updated
20. Army orders added to help menu
21. Tooltips added to planning stage unit buttons
22. New Rebel unit, Stormcell, added to levels 14 and 18, with shield battery ability
23. Fixed bug that allows you to select units while putting down units in the Planning stage
24. Army orders now include control + right click
25. Eight Valkyries removed from mission 7, 8 Wraiths added
26. MMV missiles range increased from 500 to 1000 to account for missiles speed
27. Six Starslash's added to mission 5

12/3/15 v1.16b30
1. Stormcells will no longer charge each other's shields
2. Squall boss added
3. Most fields now lower depth than units
4. Level 15 size increased from 1500x1500 to 2000x2000
5. Level 3 size changed from 5000x1000 to 2000x2000
6. F10 now goes to the mission menu instead of the main menu
7. Clicking on the Next Mission button now changed the game's mission instead of having to start the mission to change the game's current mission
8. Game messages graphical update
9. Updated text for game messages on units and events to use new game message function
10. Added communication type to story messages
11. Added message when Praetor is safe in mission 2 (from a few days ago)
12. Added optical message text to Messages screen
13. Suppression missiles now destroy Pulse Flares
14. Fixed Suppression missiles setting all units with laser weapons to not having an active ability
15. Fixed Mainbase not displaying a warning message if under 10% life
16. Added UI text background box colour and transparency options
17. Fixed battlecruiser shield power state giving more armor than it should
18. Pulse flares are now missile types and can be destroyed with the anti missile laser
19. Mainbase current status is now shown in it's own menu.
20. Buttons now have an intro animation
21. Fixed bug with Zero when deployed and Mainbase was selected that crashed the game
22. Remote mines are no longer player units and cannot be killed
23. Mission 12 no longer follows the mouse by default, so the screen scrolling speed is fixed
24. Added menu background images to the options menu
25. Fixed Options and Assembly rooms to show background images
26. Added menu background colours to the options menu
27. Maximum in game text messages increased to 50
28. Retribution now has the correct name

16/3/15 v1.16b31
1. Stormcell and Retribution models finished
2. Hurricane A and Hurricane B added to Rebel units
3. Background added to ability buttons in game
4. Fixed bug with win and lose buttons not displaying correctly with new animation
5. Win button now has in game button model
6. Rectangle added behind win button stats
7. Fixed game message on mission 17 having a warning
8. Finished new Armillian model
9. Added Pause Menu
10. Hurricane A and B models finished
11. Menu box animation finished
12. Rectangle added to Messenger
13. Added Mainbase structure, weapons, and power plans to Mainbase Status
14. Moved ambient conditions in Mainbase Status
15. Added altitude indicator in Mainbase Status
16. Added game start up animation
17. Units in formation now move at the same speed
18. Start button in preparation screen moved from x=100 to x=150
19. Plasma Shields will now only be available after plasma technology has been unlocked
20. Mainbase laser fixed to not need to be selected to fire
21. Fixed levels needing to be completed sequentially to be considered a win
22. Removed mission 16 adding a Mariner, moved message to mission 15
23. Removed mission 11 adding a Millian
24. Freedom's plasma shot range increased from 2000 to 2500

19/3/15 v1.16b32
1. Added stealth section to Mainbase status
2. Added purchaseable missiles in Assembly which can be assigned to ships in the Battlecruiser Lab
3. Redesigned Assembly
4. Battlecruiser ammunition now shows "-" instead of not displaying when empty
5. Battlecruiser icons moved to the left and spaced out more to make space for weapon and power states
6. Draw_abbility can now show up to 7 abilities
7. Field names are now the colour of the field with a black background, a line and an extra health bar underneath the name
8. Fixed bug with allied Praetors causing a game crash
9. Added tooltip to Supplies in the Aircraft Lab
10. Added grid in mission intro animation
11. Updated tooltip to not overlap screen
12. Tooltip background transparency increased from .5 to .7
13. Tooltip width increased from 200 to 250
14. Stealth systems in Mainbase Status Overview updated with a line between the variables and values
15. Added engine status to Mainbase Status Propulsion
16. Added bars to the engine status
17. Mainbase power diagram updated
18. Mainbase Status weapons stats moved to the left

23/3/15 v1.16b33
1. Added missile bay space indicator in Battlecruiser Lab
2. Berkuts will now only maintain mx speed when not stopped
3. Added box for missiles in the Battlecruiser Lab
4. Battlecruiser missile prices reduced down to 25%
5. Fixed assign missile button's tooltip area
6. Added total missiles available under the assign missile buttons
7. Mainbase Status system button's background fixed
8. Added sensors and radar to Mainbase Status overview
9. Unit down and enemy unit down messages now have a coloured background with white text
10. Praetor removed as starting unit in mission 15
11. Praetor and Squall added to mission 15 on a timer
12. Avalanche abilities fixed
13. Enemy AI bug fixed that crashed the game when it was trying to find the target it was attacking
14. Avalanche max speed increased from .5 to 1
15. Howitzer ability added to Bellator
16. Buttons will now fit text on multiple lines
17. Buttons updated to have on/off switch to make them general purpose
18. Research Lab added with plasma tech and missile control systems
19. Plasma Shields now have to be researched at the Research Lab before they can be applied to ships
20. Missiles can now be redirected to another target if their original target can not be found with an upgrade in the Research Lab
21. Bellator secondary weapon range increased from 200 to 250
22. Bellator secondary weapon damage decreased from 20 to 15
23. Executor secondary weapon range increased from 200 to 250
24. Millian detection range decreased to normal
25. Unit armour upgrades now add one armor per level instead of a percent increase
26. Unit armour cost increased from 100 to 200
27. Added Missile Flares

28/3/15 v1.16b34
1. Fixed bug that didn't save more than the first research upgrade
2. Added missile flares to the Moonrunner
3. Fixed bug with menu colour button that crashed the game
4. Scramgun ammo decreased from 100 to 80
5. Scramgun cooldown increased from 5 to 6 seconds
6. Scramgun ability text changed from "howitzer" to scramguns
7. Added afterburner ability to Starmaker
8. Added energy transfer laser ability to Mariner
9. Fixed Bellator default number of abilities to not overlap with added missiles
10. Energy Transfer added to Libray
11. Added text to draw_buttons function
12. Added hotkeys to Options menu
13. Added multiple unit targetting with all units with multiple weapons
14. Firearms now only deal 50% damage to plasma shields. Fixed to 25%
15. Plasma weapons now only deal 75% damage to plasma shields
16. Shell weapons now only deal 50% damage to plasma shields
17. Laser weapons now deal 25% damage to shields, but penetrate shields to deal 75% damage to health
18. High speed shell weapons now deal 10% less damage to shields, but penetrate shields to deal 10% damage to health
19. Shell weapons now deal double the armor reduction
20. High speed shell weapons now deal five times the armor reduction
21. All units given a weapon type if they did not already have one
22. Freya interceptor range increased from 500 to 600
23. Explosion weapons now deal five times the armor reduction
24. Shell, high speed shell, explosive, and plasma weapons now reduce armor even if their damage is above the target's armor
25. Battlecruiser's secondary weapons now have their own weapon types which are changed when the weapon state is changed
26. Made the plasma shield UI text brigter to stand out from the background
27. Added unit stats to the UI
28. Gave units their own unit designation based on how many units types there are
29. Added last keyboard key pressed and alt key check next to last character pressed at the bottom right

31/3/15 v1.16b35
1. Enemy stats now shown next to player unit stats
2. UI text backgrounds are now dark gray instead of black
3. Afterburner ability now only uses energy when moving
4. Fixed bug that caused weapon types that do extra armor damage to be double the armor removed
5. Background now fades in in missions
6. Fixed bug that caused Midgard base to crash game
7. Midgard base can no longer be controlled by the player
8. Added model numbers to the Assembly shop
9. Build missile buttons in Assembly now separate the name and the number of missiles
10. Allied units now have a blue text alert when they die
11. Fixed bug that caused suppression field to crash the game because of weapon types now being an array
12. Fixed bug that caused anti plasma field to crash the game because of weapon types now being an array
13. Removed extra test units from mission 1 used to test multi targeting
14. Hurricane A added to mission 14
15. Hurricane B added to mission 16
16. Hurricane A and Hurricane B added to mission 18
17. Fixed bug that caused suppression field to crash the game on exploding because of weapon types now being an array
18. Fixed bug that caused to crash the game on clicking on the Stormcell or having it attack because of weapon types now being an array
19. TNNP Field display name changed rom "TNNP FLD" to "TNNP_FLD"
20. Fixed bug that caused remote mines to crash the game on exploding because of weapon types now being an array
21. Fixed bug that caused laser turrets to crash the game on exploding because of weapon types now being an array
22. Fixed bug that caused adding additional units in the planning stage of mission 18 to crash the game when the mission started
23. Fixed bug that caused missile and laser turrets to crash the game when a mission started
24. Laser turrets can no longer be ordered to move by right clicking
25. Missile turret ammunition increased to 20
26. Missile turret ammunition displayed on two rows now
27. Zero now attack moves to the mouse when deployed

3/4/15 v1.16b36
1. Maximum energy is now shown in the unit stats field in the in mission UI
2. Weapon damage in the unit stats changed from "WEPN" to "WDMG"
3. Added ability cooldown bars to the battlecruiser UI icons
4. Added Scramgun ammo to the Bellator UI icon
5. Angles and arcs added to LOF function
6. Railguns now use LOF function
7. Mariner's images now no longer die as normal units
8. Mariner's images now attack move to the mouse when created
9. Player units' range circles now become opaque when enemy units are inside them
10. Fixed afterburner ability icon being shifted
11. Added anti laser field to Hurricane A
12. Hurricane A now has rockets
13. Hurricane B now has rockets
14. Added plasma howitzer to Hurricane B
15. Fixed bug that caused new battlecruisers made in-mission to crash the game
16. Fixed bug that did not allow mission 14 to be completed
17. Fixed bug that caused clicking on enemy heavy missiles to crash the game because of weapon type not being an array
18. Zero now can be repaired even when the Mainbase is not selected
19. Added nuclear strike to mission 17
20. Mariner image now attack moves toward the mouse when activated
21. Mariner's image now clearly shows the range it can go to when selected
22. Bellator's scramguns now properly apply cooldown
23. draw_LOF function now draws line showing full range when no target in LOF
24. draw_LOF function now draws a circle under the target
25. The Imperator on level 17 now retreats during the nuclear strike
26. The Imperator on level 17 is now named the "Julius"
27. Added remote EMP mines to levels 2, 4,10 and 18
28. Added EMP protection in Research Lab

9/4/15 v1.16b37
1. Lasers now have draw_firing_angle function
2. The Monsoon A's area shield now recharges nearby unit's shields at the expense of it's own shield and is disabled when the shield runs out
3. The Monsoon A's area shield now gives a percent of the original armor to nearby enemy units based on it's own shield
4. Mission 3 units replaced
5. Removed 6 Havok helicopters from mission 5
6. Fixed bug that would make the Mainbase unresponsive at times
7. Weapons now do less damage based on the distance to target and the type of weapon
8. Added weapons section to the library
9. Starslash damage increased from 5 to 8
10. Fixed issue with Mainbase shots not showing
11. Added mission briefings
12. Pulse flare now has a green outline with a more transparent green filled circle
13. Pulse flare now has a model
14. Smoke rockets now only fire if there are no smoke clouds already deployed
15. Unit range upgrades increased to a maximum of 100% range increase
16. Added magshield ability
17. Updated the Assembly button's tooltip

14/4/15 v1.16b38
1. Made art style two's basic unit's more transparent
2. Added third art style with transparency
3. Removed wraiths from mission 5
4. Starslashes in mission 5 now have guardian shield by default
5. Strikers in mission 3 now have railguns by default
6. Removed 4 Havoks from mission 5
7. Added story message to mission 5
8. Updated the art style button's tooltip to make it shorter and add the third art type
9. Added Libritor unit for Allies
10. Added Libritor to mission 6
11. Added enemy Praetor to mission 6
12. Added "bombard" AI for enemy units to stay back and use abilities
13. Fixed bug that caused hitting the MGN field to crash the game because it did not have the magshield variable
14. Fixed bug that caused the Molniya's plasma field to show as if it was targeting the wrong unit and crashed the game if the unit disappeared
15. Sagitus' sniper range now scales with range upgrades as 15% extra range
16. Fixed enemy unit AI to not change target unless the unit is stopped, moving, or attacking to avoid cancelling abilities
17. Fixed Praetor and Imperator showing blue models when changing the art style, and added blue outlined models
18. Enemy units will now set their movement speed to 0 when they stop
19. Added Hastatus unit to Allies
20. Changed the names and models of Rebel units in missions 2-6 to Alliance units
21. Added missile towers for Allies
22. Added missile towers on mission 2 that are offline, mission 5,
23. Fixed Plasma damage drop to accurately represent the model
24. Hastatii in mission 5 now start out as shut down and start up after player is detected
25. Enemy units can now be made indefinitely offline
26. Improved nuclear strike graphics
27. The Liberator and the Armillian now automatically move attack to the player at the start of mission 17
28. Fixed Imperator's escape route in mission 17
29. The Imperator will now fight for you if it survives the nuclear blast in mission 17

15/4/15 v1.16b39
1. Added fourth art style without white
2. Imperator display name changed from "IMPRTOR" to "IMPRTR"
3. Updated Art Style button tooltip to include fourth art style
4. Changed default art style to art style 2
5. Changed Art Style button to list the art styles starting from 1 instead of 0
6. Added two Havoks to mission 1
7. Fixed message that appears when Freya and Freyr are made in mission 17 from "heat signature" to "heat signatures"
8. All buttons can now have tooltips
9. Added an option to show the damage dealt in the damage text alert
10. Added a gameplay tab to the Options menu, added damage drop and damage text buttons
11. Fixed the missile towers being online in mission 2
12. Fixed the Mainbase not dealing damage to targets it was hitting when automatically acquiring targets when the player AI was aggressive
13. Moved the maximum text message button down in the art tab of the options menu
14. Zero cost reduced to 1000
15. Mission 2 can now be won by successfully allowing the Praetor to leave the map
16. Added 5 remote EMP's to mission 5
17. Fixed Alliance units not using the correct art style
18. Fixed Libritor not updating art style

15/4/15 v1.16b40
1. Added four Hastatii to mission 17
2. Added Princeps unit to Allies
3. Fixed Hastatii, missile tower, urdswan, auriga, and Midgard base not having correct art style
4. Enemy strikers are now blue
5. Made the front two hastatii in mission 17 have bombard AI
6. Fixed bug with Freyr that crashed the game when no player units were alive
7. Fixed bug with Freya that crashed the game when no player units were alive
8. Raven assist now has correct art style
9. Added simulation room for custom games
10. Fixed bug that caused missile turrets to crash the game if no enemies were alive
11. Added a flight mode to the Princeps
12. Millian and Imperator now use the correct art style
13. Added shield types to the Library
14. Added Alliance Aircraft to the Library
15. Fixed pelican from crashing the game if it was player owned because it did not have a unit type number
16. Fixed units that were player owned but were not normally availavle from crashing the game
17. Moonrunner now has the correct art style
18. Freedom now has the correct art style

15/4/15 v1.16b41
1. Updated game file's description
2. Fixed drawing buttons function overwriting the current button's name
3. Simulation start button now appears above the white box
4. Game Intro animation now only plays when the game is first started
5. Increased the length of the white box behind the Simulation Planning room's title
6. Fixed bug that caused the Freedom to crash the game when it's target died
7. Fixed the Raven, Hastatus, Princeps, and Libritor's missiles to be blue
8. Fixed the Starting Point in the simulator from crashing the game when the player tries to move it
9. Starting point in the simulator room now no longer says button
10. Added Triarus unit to Allies
11. Added 4 hastatii, 2 principes, and 1 triarus as reinforcments in mission 16- Removed these
12. Fixed the mariner to use the correct art style
13. Arbiter range increased from 100 to 150
14. Arbiter damage increased from 10 to 20
15. Starslash damage increased from 8 to 15
16. Moonrunner damage increased from 5 to 15
17. Moonrunner attack speed increased from .02 to .05
18. Laser turret damage increased from 5 to 10

23/4/15 v1.16b42
1. Fixed Freyr's model
2. Added fifth art style
3. Fixed Pelican's model
4. Fixed mission menu background
5. Fixed the first seven contour maps
6. Al player units now have limited firing angles and turn to shoot enemies outside of their firing angles
7. Multishot will now also show the damage dealt if that option is enabled
8. Striker turn speed reduced from 5 to 2
9. Fixed Mainbase not doing damage until ordered to moveattack or until it automatically attacked a unit
10. Berkut attack speed increased from .01 to .04
11. Molniya turnrate decreased from 6 to .5
12. Enemy units now also have limited firing angles and turn to to shoot player units outside of their firing angles
13. Enemy detection range circle transparency increased from .5 to .25
14. Anti missile field and anti plasma fields durations increased from 10 to 20 seconds, MGN field duration increased from 20 to 25 seconds
15. Removed the "Add" before the names of units on the unit buttons in the planning stage
16. Unit buttons in the planning stage moved up
17. Added rectangle behind the unit buttons in the Planning stage
18. Added research upgrade to double the range of railguns and increase the range of scramguns by 80%
19. Added research upgrade to reverse engineer the princeps and triarus to build more of them
20. Fixed mission 2 to win if you have killed all non turret units except the enemy praetor if your praetor has spawned
21. Added Princeps and Triarus to the simulation room for the player
22. Added text to the beginning of the magshield description in the library
23. Added an icon for magshields
24. Research lab now only shows tech that is available
25. Added research upgrade to make paladin shields last longer and guardian shields not run out
26. Starslashes now cannot attack while using guardian shield
27. Fixed bug that caused certain battlecruisers that were made after the start of the game to crash the game due to them not having their upgrades applied to them
28. Guardian shield can now be turned off if the infinite duration paladin shield has been researched

25/4/15 v1.16b43
1. Monsoon A's turn rate decreased from 1 to .8
2. Monsoon B's turn rate decreased from 1 to .6
3. Armillian's range increased from 200 to 500
4. Armillian's damage decreased from 60 to 20
5. Armillian's second weapon's damage increased from 20 to 60
6. Added aircraft weapon stats to be used anywhere in the game
7. Added alternative weapon loadouts for the player aircraft
8. Fixed bug that doesn't spawn any battlecruisers past the Imperator in the planning screen
9. Moved the "Return" button in the aircraft lab down and moved the upgrade stats down and the unit model up
10. Alternative weapon loadout stats are now shown in the aircraft lab with their stat increases
11. Added a zoom feature with the mouse wheel
12. Added Aileram, to the Armillian
13. Mechs now use the correct art style
14. Aileram damage increased from 2 to 10
15. Aileram damage increased from 2 to 10
16. Aileram range decreased from 50 to 5
17. Added Snapshot, Arma, and Starlight mechs for player
18. Added Snapshot, Arma, and Starlight to the Armillian
19. Renamed Snapshot to Luminus
20. Renamed Starlight to Starstrike
21. Abilities can now show extra text underneath in the draw_ability function
22. Added Aileram to Praetor
23. Aileram damage increased from 10 to 20- changed back
24. Added afterburner to Aileram
25. Added Veritas to player units
26. Added Veritas to Armillian, replaced Aileram
27. Zero's GN shield now uses the new ability text function
28. Added ability to return all units to Armillian

30/4/15 v1.16b44
1. Replaced the return all units ability button's image on the armilian with a new image
2. Valkyrie missiles, Starslash guardian shield, Praetor suppression missiles, Venator Anti missile missile, Bellator missiles, large EMP missiles, and scramguns, Moonrunner flares, Mariner anti plasma missile, MGN missiles, Millian warp, longbow missiles, Princeps missiles and Triarus missiles now show their ammo or timers using the new ability text function
3. Fixed bug that caused the Bellator to crash the game when using missiles (from 2.)- turns out it didn't even crash the game
4. Paladin shield now shows it's cooldown or timer by using the new draw_ability function, and thecolour of the button is now light green when not in use and dark green when being used
5. Armillian and Liberator warp now use the new draw_ability function
6. Striker's railgun ability now properly turns green when in use
7. Moonruner's flares ammo now doesn't show when ammo has run out
8. Fixed Venator not having art style 4
9. Fixed Mariner's energy transfer laser not showing as being used
10. Armillian's return button now changes colours
11. Armillian and Liberator's warp ability now shows the warp cooldown
12. Warp now correctly turns grey when not available
13. Abilities that turn units offline now will not activate an offline timer for units that are shut down or indefinitely offline such as the units using the Paladin shield
14. Added Reaper to player units, has sequential missile fire
15. Optimised enemy AI
16. Added ECM ability to Venator, drains energy to prevent any non-piloted enemy aircraft within range from attacking or receiving new orders
17. Princeps supply cost increased from 5 to 7
18. Triarus supply cost decreased from 20 to 8
19. Added Aquila unit to Allies
20. Fixed Simulation room decreasing supplies used when deleting enemy units
21. Fixed melee mechs' range being too short to reach normally
22. Fixed maximum zoom being at the default window size
23. Pushed text in simulation room to the right
24. Fixed player units not decelerating when pressing stop
25. Fixed deceleration in the move function
26. Ability butons moved up to make room for ability text
27. Ability text is now centered
28. Ability hotkeys have been shifted to the left and are now inside the ability button
29. Spaced out battlecruiser icons more to fit the power mode

/4/15 v1.16b45
1. Praetor's secondary attack is now limited to +-10º
2. Praetor's secondary attack damage increased from 20 to 50
3. Praetor's secondary attack range decreased from 600 to 400
4. Praetor's secondary attack sniper mode removed
5. Venator's secondary attack is now limited to -130º to -50º, and 50º to 130º
6. Venator's secondary attack damage increased from 10 to 20
7. Venator's secondary attack range increased from 100 to 150
8. Fixed Venator's ECM activating when not selected
9. Fixed Mariner's energy transfer laser not working
10. Restricted some battlecruiser abilities to be purchased in the ship lab
11. Extra missiles in storage and on ships now get saved with the game
12. Fixed assign missile button text and simplified tooltip
13. Fixed button text going on multiple lines for small buttons
14. Improved planning stage's help text and added instructions for changing weapon loadout
15. Fixed planning stage's unit buttons text and changed the size, colour of the box when it is selected, added a new box, put the boxes behind the model, and moved the buttons to the right to fit in the screen
16. Increased area in which you cannot place units on the left side of the screen to align with where the buttons are
17. Left clicking on the ground in the planning stage now deselects units instead of right clicking
18. Right clicking now turns units in the planning stage
19. Fixed bug that caused Blizzard the crash the game if they could not find a target
20. ECM energy cost increased from 5 per second to 7 per second
21. Moonrunner second weapon loadout damage decreased from 20 to 10
22. Tempest plasma shot range increased from 200 to 210
23. Supplies purchased now give 8 supply instead of 10
24. Added the ability to set units to ambush mode in the simulator
25. Added the ability to change weapon loadouts in the simulator
26. Updated the messages room for missions 2 and 3
27. Added Reaper Hell unit to player units
28. Added reaper hell to mission 5

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