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Version v1.17 of Slizer Battle Management System is now available. This version was released a year after development of the game started, and features a lot of fixes and some new features to make the game more playable.

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A year ago I started making a real time strategy game. Until a little before then I had no idea how I'd make something so complex, and that day I used the breakthrough idea I had to make a very simple strategy game. The same day I had a working, but very basic RTS. Today I released version v1.17, which was the result of months of writing down ideas when I couldn't work on the game.
If you're interested in a slightly different type of RTS with persistent upgrades and units, some original, some not so original, and some twists on classic abilities and units, a unique aesthetic, horrible graphics, a half baked story, and hopefully some strategic slow gameplay, please visit the link below to give the game a try. Thank

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