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Work is still progressing....And some mod news! Why does the description have to be so dang long?

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Well long time no see Moddb...

As you all may know the mod was taken of the workshop for some time in the last 2 months, I'd like to clarify why this happened.

Due to all the complaints on bugs/font errors/etc we ended up taking the mod off the workshop to see what we could do to fix this, as of now it is back up. But in future cases, if this happens it is usually being fixed and/or updated.

Now for the news....

It may not be related to this mod but I would like to point out the Seed mod is now on the workshop!

here  its from g gundam btw d1e

A big congratulations on getting the mod out! And thank you for all your help with this port Lone_Wolf and the rest of the 9CCN staff!

As for all the seed haters.....


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